Tuesday, August 16, 2005


welcome to the blog for tools4change.ca. this blog will be the meeting place for visitors to the site with the intention to learn and share ideas about living life and changing behaviours in positive ways.
you will notice that there are no capital letter is my postings. if this offends you there is little hope for your neurosis and my suggestion is that you are in the wrong place and that anything put forth here will be of little benifit to you. having said that, it is my wish to deliver insight into the human condition that will allow the casual reader the opportunity to take the first steps toward self-mastery.
the modern world offers vast riches and abundance to those who have the desire to experience these things and do the work necessary to attain them. this refers to material things but more importantly to the spiritual or divine self that man desires access to but doesn`t know where to turn for direction.
it is my contention that we are the creators of our own reality through the will of our conciousness.
this blog is an exploration of this idea.

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dr.alistair said...

in system theory, the element in a system that has the most flexibility has the most control.
in spiritual practice we are learning to exert maximum control over our thoughts and consciousness and of course in removing guilt, fear and conscience.
it is through this flexibility that we begin to create our reality the way we desire it to be.
we have been all along anyway.
we just didn`t realise we were doing it.
grab the wheel. turn the bus in the direction you choose.