Friday, November 25, 2005

authentic desire.

authentic desire can be described as that which we want at the spiritual level. what we are provided with, culturally, are consumer goods. we are conditioned, at each turn and with each conversation, to want things to have.
what suffers, of course, is our humanity.
a bigger house, a more expensive car and more money to buy brighter and shinier things.
what suffers in all of this is our ability to do the art of life.
the abject boredom and stultifying repetitiveness of menial labour and tasking that is what describes most jobs is what conditions us to robotising our minds and our bodies. we are conditioned to sit still, be quiet and obey at an early age. this prepares us for a cubical existance, making money to raise another generation of robots. and when they leave the nest we begin the cycle of decline, knowing our purpose in a consumer society is winding down.
is it any wonder that pre-conditioned minds rebels with each fibre of thier being?
the sex and violence on t.v. is a product of this pressurising of the intellect and spirit. the enablers are the government and the church. the two most violent entities on the planet.
the two conversations that will engender the most angry responses are that of religion and politics.
the church and state are working hand-in-hand to keep the button on our hostility trigger to further blind us to the fact that we are slaves to the machinery of a mega-corporation.
not many but one.
feudalism never went away, it has merely been rebadged as corporatism.
technology has been able to provide for societies needs with minimal labour for a long time. yet we are still conscripted into a system that is relentless in it`s determination to have us spending 120% of our income and worrying that the music will stop and we wont have a job to go to, to continue to pay for all the crap we own.
it`s not a matter of which pill to take,red or blue. one doesn`t need a pill to see the further enslavement of us when the markets take a downturn and we will have to do even more for even less.
the answer is to not subscribe to the ego driven possessions and desires of the collective. stop reading newspapers, stop watching t.v. period and start actually having meaningful conversations that aren`t about who has what or who. the vacuum created by these simple acts will spur you toward things like playing games, doing art (no matter how bady, we aren`t trying to sell it!) and spending quantity time with people we like being with.
then you will discover your authentic desire.

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