Wednesday, November 02, 2005

did you remember to smile today?

we are funny creatures. when people pull faces, we get feelings inside. when people grimace at us we think we`ve done something wrong. when someone`s eyebrows are raised we think something`s wrong too but when someone smiles at us we feel warm inside and smile back. isn`t that nice.
here`s something surprising.
when we smile at ourseves in the mirror we smile back.
the first time we do it, it may feel uncomfortable. we may have to force ourselves to twist a grin. but right after that, if we smile again at our reflection the mirror, a natural smile will appear.
why is that?
it has something to do with the nerves in the face sending signals to the brain. apparently the position of the face in the expression of a smile signals the brain to release chemicals into the bloodstream that makes us feel good. these chemicals are called neurotransmitters and they do everthing from make us happy to make us ill. so be careful what you tell your brain to dose yourelf with.
the neurotransmitter phenyl-ethyl-amine or p.e.a. is a chemical created when or when we get a hug or when we see a picture of kittens or when we eat dark chcolate. it is called the hug drug. it`s no wonder people buy chocolates on valentine`s day.
it`s cheaper to smile at yourself and others and it`s not fattening..........

2 comments: said...

Yes, it is strange how we are so responsive to our fellow humans. We could think that we are puppets pulled by emotions created by their faces... but we could also be a net or one entity that thinks it is many. Perhaps if we knew we are all one, we can have more compassion, them, the net, I. Very interesting all you are writing here.

dr.alistair said...

when we realise we can choos, quite simply , to smile at people first, as a matter of course, the the power spools up inside us and we recognise that we are all connected. i don`t think it`s strange, though if you are just beggining to see and feel this in your life, i can understand your feeling strangely. it becomes all encompassingly wonderful over time and the feelings have the power to brush aside all else and allow us the joy of the moment.
thanks for commenting.