Wednesday, June 11, 2008


this is known in simple terms as a game.

a game played by governments on citizens.

a game called taxation.

exploit the weak and unorganised and uninformed for fun and profit.

the last think a governement wants to do is to deter gamblers from frequenting thier facilities......especially "problem" gamblers.

but, we do it to ourselves. we aren`t strong and organised enough to stop such activities from occuring......either as individuals or in groups.

so, the government preys on it`s citizenry.

but after all, how else does government survive?


Ricardo said...

The government made a killing off these people I bet. But shouldn't these problem gamblers show some responsibility and accountability? They made the choice to go to the casino after all.

dr.alistair said...

responibility and accountability?

which people are you refering to?

not the mildly intoxicated revellers who go to the casino with "only" $500 in thier pockets for a hoot....

the same people who gripe about the price of gas, or the expense of starbucks.

people are conditioned robots.

governments know this and reduce them to slave labour through taxation, service fees and now gambling revenues.

a significant percentage of gamblers fall into the "problem" category, around 2%....and that is such a large number that a considerate government would not runs such programs.

but they don`t give a shit.

i see the billboards for the ontario government programs offering councelling for problem gambling and i realise that they are just another ad for gambling.

addicts don`t get past the word casino to read the 1-800 number.

watch the movie "brazil" to see how governments really see people.

Anonymous said...

Gambling ads should be banned like smoking ads are...

Still, I agree with Ricardo, and there has to be a level of personal responsibility involved. There should also be governmental responsibility too, which the Ontario gov't is avoiding here.

dr.alistair said...

personal responsibility.....hmmm. if the government doesn`t allow or condone responsibility then one can never achieve it without tremendous sacrifice and effort.

people naturally gravitate to responsibility, it`s part of self-preservation, but the destruction of the will begins in the classroom as a child and continues until death.