Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more on morons.;_ylt=AudNzWJJZWKHtannKP3tVIjxrGIF

where to begin?

ok, firstly.......are these real or manufactured documents?

we have to see who benifits most from documents like this being left on a train.

and being "secret", who could possibly positively identify them other than other bureaucrats?

so who`s to say......

to me, the report seems too facile to be anything but a wind-up job between politicians, but who`s to say.

and entertainment for other morons to cluck on about in the office.

but.......if people in positions of authority who handle such materials are so inept as to leave papers like that on a train, then we need to really begin to mistrust these morons.

my old man worked at aldermaston in the sixties and never once spoke of anything that went on in that top secret facility other than how bureaucratic and "old school tie" everything was.....and his rationalisation was that he signed the british secrets act so he just had to not say anything to anyone.

meanwhile people are allegedly carrying top secret files around in a briefcase on a train.



Ricardo said...

This is a stunt. What objective is trying to be accomplished here, I simply can't answer. But the whole thing is rubbish.

dr.alistair said...

this post and the last one about gambling are connected in that we, the people, are fed bullshit and expected react in precise ways so that the "government" can go on as usual living off the huge pile of money we give them.

which precise ways?

voting, paying taxes, keeping the peace.....putting up with escalating costs while our income languishes.....and meanwhile we glorify these politicians and patronise thier juvenile games.

it`s our fault that we get treated this way.

Anonymous said...

The dumbing down of civilization through mass media hype. It works! Why change...

dr.alistair said...

that`s why i tell my clients to turn the tv off and stop reading newspapers.

every little bit helps.