Tuesday, June 24, 2008



all women with long nails, or just some women with long nails, or just the woman quoted?

i would have thought that most women would have been bright enough to figure a work-around for such a problem.......such as not owning the stupid phone in the first place.


apple would be foolish to ignore the large market of women with long nails who use cell-phones, and i`m sure they are working feverishly to find a remedy.

on the other hand, it`s possible that women with long nails could effect a look whereby one nail is kept deliberately short so as to facilitate the use of thier trendy tele-communication device, sending a signal to the herd that not only are they hip but bright enough to solve a difficult problem.

now, if only they could drink, drive, talk and watch sex in the city on the overhead dvd screen at the same time...........



Ricardo said...

Long nails on women are overrated. But damn that apple for not factoring in the long nail equation. LOL!

Sun Warrior said...


Was just talking with a guy who works for RIM. Maybe they should switch to Blackberry... they seem to have the ergonomics of digits down pat... LOL!

dr.alistair said...

long nails on a woman is an indcation of thier desire for all things plastic......and it`s good to know that early in the game.....though not all women with long nails are, um, plastic.

the thing with iphones and long nails is just plain funny, and typical of the petulance of certain people.