Sunday, July 13, 2008


there are those amongst the blogging community that feel that a hitrate is a valued commodity......and that a constant flood of comments somehow validates thier personal insight into the world at large.

while this position has some validity when the information provided in the blog has some real-world utility, most blogs are a community of like-minded souls sharing and re-agreeing with eachother`s position.

in this state most blogs are reminiscent of a good morning coffee with the lads at starbucks.

but to think that your popularity in the search engines is because your writing is somehow new or interesting to anyone else but your friends or about ready to instigate the charge against "the man" is missing the point of blogging entirely.........

and if your writing was helping you to evolve into a modern-era che guevara then it would just help the "man" to find your subversive ass.

oh, and sorry if the odd spelling error sends you into a perceptional tailspin. perhaps reading isn`t your thing.


American Hill BIlly said...


Peace and Freedom

American Hill BIlly said...


That was so good. The thing is you should have left a comment on my blog as well. Of course for my hitrate. I will now pay you the kind attention in turn.

You are the only one that new the answer. The hint was right on the shirt. I assume you read the rest of the post. If you don't think that person after person won't keep hitting those little red buttons, then your wrong. I would also think you care about your pre-teen boys genome? If I could have healthy children, then I definitely would. I guess that you already know they have another realm, and that is why you don't worry?

You honestly due have some excellent points, but then sometimes I see a large deception, and that makes me smell something fishy. I have to keep you on the blog list where your at. People can learn from everyone, and everything. I don't have that blog list to be cruel; afterall to be a mystic one must be conscious of all things, and aspects. Go look at the Illustrative Conservative. I did talk to him. I won't leave him any more comments, but I will read. You should read his current post. I did have to completely remove someone from the intelligent list because of him. The link to the naughty post, he has posted beside the post. He truly was king in their comment section. It wasn't his fault. The people I openly thought were intelligent wanted a simple game, and that isn't allowed. They wanted a hitrate. I'm glad the comments stayed at 13 on the post to the Gods, and Goddesses. It is what made me come back tonight, and to my suprise a Che Guevara! I really do know Gods, and Goddesses, and believe in numerology, and the such. They look out for me in a spiritual way. Never in any mortal manner; that is Man's land.

You notice that particular post was an actual apology to the Gods and Goddesses. I threatened something harsh, and their response was immediately more harsh to me. That actually, they could do worse than any mortals could ever do to a dying man; that is play with my very Light!....I had to think....Okay...I'm sorry!!!

As far as the answer, and "the man" good for you. I really did tell the truth in the post. This realm is one of many, and other's waiting to be discovered, and adventured! I do feel bad that I was the apparent topic of your post; I really don't like upsetting anyone. That would even be the people employed currently by the U.S. Government torturing people.

We all have some degree of Light, and Dark energies within us. We each choose what to manifest. If we aren't careful, then we would get sucked into the darkness, and nothingness. I am no subversive, I do believe in the ideology of freedom. Currently that is being taken from the land I love. The lowerlings will devour what I love, and I don't want that. They, and those that support them will be literally sucked into the Nothingness of Eternity. Mark my words. I used to not care about politics, or world affairs, but like I pointed out we are in trying times; the mortals in power have bad bad things, but You, and I now have the computers sitting in front of both of us right now. It allows us to compete, and stop their control.

I will have to correct you again, I only want absolute Peace, and absolute Freedom.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, then I will give you an email that you can talk to me at; rather than racking up silly hitrates. YOU let me know, and I will give you an email account. You should want it; with what you expressed in your post, or we can simply comment. Let me know!

American Hill BIlly said...

Here ya go.

dr.alistair said...

starwars/chicano/gnostic synthesis.....very clever.

my computer allows me to comunicate and learn and entertain and to test my spirit....all in equal measure.

i have been camping with my children for the last few days listening to thier souls and the healing occuring between us since thier mother and i seperated.

we are all healing.

i am sorry for the loss of your country and truly feel your pain. i have watched my country dissolve also....but we can never go back, but must join tomorrow with hope.

my mysticism gives me the strenth to do what i can and know that some things are outside my ability, and to leave them alone.

Anonymous said...


I saw your comments. I worked very hard on the new post, and I checked my email, but you weren't there. Bam, in the old you were. We can do that.

That does suck breaking up with people. I think the camping did, and will continue to help your boys. The whole spiritual aspect of it. Now I have the Ocean, but I used to go into the Deepness of the forest, and the Mountains. I would stay all day long, and contemplate. I have studied different things, but wasn't sure; I would listen,listen, and do it again.

Did this, or that mean what? A butterfly, a slight glimpse of a deer, Maybe an encounter with a bear/oso; It was entertaining, and spiritual.

I used to have a wolf; she was one of the most pure spirit's I've ever known, but she died in my arms. I still get a emotional about her as I write this.

Good Night Sir,

Peace and Freedom

dr.alistair said...

listening......very important to open up the ears to the depth of the forest.....if for no other reason than that when we return to the concrete we will bring some of the new hearing back.....for a time.

the wolf is a part of our nature as men; the hunter, the lone to wander. my dog was my companion for 12 years, loyal like no woman has been. i took him to his rest as was my duty when his time came, and yes, i am emotional now as i look at his picture across from me where i sit as i type.

my children and i sat in the woods amongst the wood smoke and the tall trees for four days, and we began to come closer again after thier mother left with them and destroyed the family we had become.

i do not miss thier mother in any way imaginable, but miss the commonality of our desire to raise our two boys into this world.....and after almost a year of legal insanity things are settling down somewhat and i can feel a return to normalcy without lawyers and court appearances.

and i heard things in the woods that are making sense now. a quiet voice that gives me hope.

American Hill BIlly said...

I know what you mean. Remembering kind, real, and honest experiences. I always do that. Remember so when in a place isn't good; I just go to the next in my mind.
The woods, smoke, and fire give me memories of home. I do wish I could've stayed, but when your faced with no matter which way you go; loosing, well that quite frankly sucks!
It's interesting in Guatemala. It is the Land of Eternal Spring...Let me think Tiedra de Siempre Primavera??? or some such in spanish. It actually besides the amount of Stratosphere Volcanoes looks a lot like the Northwest. No problems with forest fires for the most part. The Mayans hold the trees as being sacred. To cut one down needs a blessing. The interesting thing, even though in some areas aren't always safe; the trees, and forest are very clean. The Mayans will actually de limb the pine trees until I think they were called "lolly pop" pines? lodge pole pines? Anyways they take all the limbs, and underbrush to cook with, or stay warm. It does get a little cool in the night.

Oh, The bicycle kits are available on Ebay. I was conversing with El Capitan Crunch, and he is in college, but didn't know how to continue affording school. Wham, he found the link on Ebay. They have what look like really good systems available cheap. They claim 150mpg; which I don't doubt; simply peddle when you want.
I even thought through the man. It takes pride swallowing, but put somekind of cowling over the engine set up, a bright 12' orange flag, and a helmet with the mirrors. Oh, and lots of bright reflectors. They wouldn't want to stop you out of shear embarrasment. I was totally serious with him. I know I would do that; simply for the environment. Don't get me wrong I am a manly man, but there is never need for simple waste. I have learned that here.

Which one of your blogs do you continually update? I will give you good links in a different section. A section will be going up no matter what on Metaphysics, it will contain others on the same blog roll. If you would like that, then I will do it! I have to be careful with my site, I have these freak neo-cons come in, and speak from no facts, or I have people on the left that leave because something was said they didn't agree with. It really doesn't matter; just interesting. I am only talking to a few people anyways.

Peace and Freedom

dr.alistair said...

i mostly post here, and recently not quite as often as i used to. i visit ricardo because he is entertaining and we`ve posted back and forth for a while now.

if i was really interested in a popular site i would be more political, but i have a hard time taking the subject seriously when everyone is so inflammatory....and it gets old really fast.

like you said, neo-cons and lefties who aren`t thick-skinned enough to ignore silliness.......a realistic cross-section of the voting public unfortunately.

the trees and the mountains and the lakes will be here in 10,000 years. no wonder the mayans revered the land.

i was at a place over the last few days where the north american indians had carved pictures into the sheer rock face and you could only get to see it if you paddled your canoe for an hour to get there.

my boys and i sat in awe looking up at the hundred foot cliffs and imagined the effort in must have taken to make those pictures.

interesting thing about the name captain`s the name of a breakfast cereal that used to give away kids whistles.....and someone discovered that if you blew the whistle into a payphone it allowed you to make free phonecalls.

the whistle was pitched at 2600 cycles. the exact frequence the phone uses to free up the line for a call.

2600 is a magazine that details phone and computer hacking for those who have interest in such things........speaking of freedom.

American Hill BIlly said...

Wow, That is some cool stuff. I gotta go right now, but that is interesting.

Captain Crunch was the CB handle that a good friend used to use. I had no clue, but do now about the rest.

I really do read so much going on in the World. I read between the lines, and to the meat of what someone is trying to express.


This post has been up for a while. Can you post more? Dealing with Metaphysics, Breathing, Metation, and the like?

I would love that reading, and think it would help prepare people, or give them the ability to relax in uncomfortable times!

Peace and Freedom

dr.alistair said...

meditation. it`s what we do all the time.

we go inside and show ourselves pictures and talk to ourselves.

to take personal control of this process is the first step to mastering the self and reality in general.

i will post more on this in the next few days.

peace and freedom to you also....

Ms. Q said...

I originally thought "hydrate" and connected it to how I perceive your being into overall wellness.

I used to track where my blog was in the rankings and trying to get more traffic but that got tiring and once I began feeling safe enough to comment, my blog evolved more naturally as friendships do - some give and take, some natural appreciation, some understanding if you don't have time to visit, some worries when I didn't post for a while. Like friendships.

dr.alistair said...

ms.q, friendships.


but to hydrate is important also......

we are something like 70% water.

30% muscle, bone, fat and other sundry tissues.

and 100% spirit.

Vincent said...

Damn, I agree with most of this, I like to argue with you. I am prone to perceptional tailspins at certain errors in spelling or grammar. "Is he getting at me?" I thought, before recalling I have not been pestering you for some time.

On my post in Sept 2006 ("The only gay in the village") your comment included this:

"vincent........i appreciate the offensive as much as the as the agreeable. i post with an open heart and as such must take responses as they come. i look forward to your take on my perceptions."

so I had the idea to come over and be offensive. But how?

vincent (previously yves)

dr.alistair said...

well, the offensive comment would be in your perception. i would resist reacting and try to learn more about who was making the comment and why.