Thursday, July 10, 2008

cnn style debate.

the media teaches us to choose sided prior to listening to arguements provided by "experts".

this causes some interesting things to happen.

firstly people consume this sort of arguement like they consume wrestling; as a circus show.

secondly, they take this mode of communication into thier daily lives and expect eveyone to be "down" with the smackdown responses to comments in conversation.

this sort of pissing engenders a further division of people based on thier political, religious or scientific beliefs, and eventually filters down into the exchange of everything between people.

no wonder we have road rage.

you can get driven off the road and killed now because you don`t drive the same car as the guy behind you.......


American Hill BIlly said...


From the blog UNLOADED;dr.alistair
nobody ranges in a combat zone with the safety teach that would get a boy dead in any game, real or otherwise....


where`s this invective coming from?

"dr. alistair",

It is apparent with my links given to you, and the challenged presented that you are still a fascist fraud.

Go to Spokane, Washington the Mom, and Pop stores are thriving! Wal-Mart, and every other chain is there as well. The difference is that being in a farming community the Mom and Pop stores can sell at half the price of the chains..Go there and see.

Also, I will because of the nature of the sensitivity of the nature of this particular post correct you again.

A BB traveling at 400fps is fast enough to penetrate many things including skulls. They do bounce off your Kettle pots, and go some where? Don't they? You did say copper, Right? A ricochet is a very, very dangerous thing.

On the note of combat zones: When soldiers have their "BOOTS ON THE GROUND; THEY ARE TOLD TO COCK AND LOCK" This means in a combat zone rack a round in the chamber, and have your safety on!! It is one of the most important of all lessons taught in the military; for the simple fact that you have a lot of people that are in harms way.......ALWAYS COCKED AND LOCKED!!! Military SIR.

Peace and Freedom

dr.alistair said...

well, firstly,i`m not interested in the amount of comments i`m getting, especially those that are off-topic as radically as this one, but thanks for the "help" old boy, i`m sure somewhere in there was a kind intention.

secondly, i come from a family of military types going back many generations, many of whom have seen combat and have discharged weapons with intent, so to lecture me on the use and protocols of weapons seems presumptive.

and it was presumptive of you to assume that my children were firing bbs at 400 fps.

as indicated elsewhere, the loads the airsoft guns fire are a type of plastic that disintegrates upon contact with anything sturdier than a paper pag.....though any thorough research of the guns in question would have provided you that fact.

as i`ve said before, maybe we should discuss some things we can agree on, instead of nit-picking..........

American Hill BIlly said...

Here is everything you said at the site UNLOADED. 400fps, dents in my kettle sound like the metal bb rather than harmless plastic ones. Maybe, No absolutely your a paid subversive! Cocked and Locked is what ALL military teach. As far as conventional handling of weapons, never chambered, and safety on........You being a mystic; why would you encourage your children to destroy?

dr.alistair said...

sasbb gun wars....i have the scars to prove it.

i recently bought airsoft guns for my children, boys 9 and 12. these are serious weapons with a 400 fps muzzle velocity so the lads are told to carry the guns muzzle down with thier fingers outside of the trigger ring until they bring the weapon to bear toward the target. they have been drilled never to aim the weapon at a target unless they have decided to fire, and not to point the weapon at people or animals, even in jest.

so thy`ve shot the apartment to shit.

they`ve nailed lightbulbs, my antique brass kettle, some of my pine furniture and all of the cardboard in the place including books and magazines.

but no-one has lost an eye.

and the sound of them letting loose on unsuspecting carboard boxes is magnificent.

dr.alistair said...

nobody ranges in a combat zone with the safety teach that would get a boy dead in any game, real or otherwise....


where`s this invective coming from?

9:21 AM, July 10, 2008

dr.alistair said...
it`s so true about the gun thing......and so deeply satifying.

the only problem is,i have no idea how to get the little dents out of my kettle.

6:40 PM, July 10, 2008

American Hill BIlly said...


That post you just left a comment on was esoteric to Gods, and Goddesses of sorts. You picked a lucky number 13; at least for me.

I hope that particular post stays at that number, but there are always better numbers.

It sounds as though you recieved some good training. I am familiar with these groups. I wish you well,

Kind Sir

dr.alistair said...

well thanks....though sometimes it sounds as if there are two of you commenting.

Vincent said...

as a theory of road rage, hm, it's unproven.