Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hey al......

sssssh, algore`s sleeping..........and if he wakes and hears us giggling about all this he`ll try to get a law passed whereby it will be illegal to point out the obvious about the present global temperature increase.

he wants us all to be impressionable school kids (and teachers...) who will golly-gee him to death with his flash movie and dry dead-pan delivery.

and utter bullshit.

or, maybe real scientists without political agendas are just wrong.


Cynnie said...

hey dude ..long time no see ..

dr.alistair said...

yes, it has been a while. nice to see you though.

American Hill BIlly said...

Good Post. I believe we are headed for a Pole Shift. It does explain the frozen in place Mammoths with fresh food in their bellies.

You are correct about Ole' Al'. He is getting personal gain from something that is a natural cycle of nature.

I guess when the game is up, and who makes it through when the next shift occurs; whe will finally see who wins.

dr.alistair said...

the censorship of science has been going on for many years.

bishops would have a drink with this guy;

and would agree to keep thier mutual mouths shut when he allowed them to look at the stars with his telescopes.....

it is possible that we are heading for a pole shift. nothing politicians can do about that though, so we won`t hear much from al about that.

my conecern with al and his movie is that it gets played to kids as science and the children stop thinking once they get fed his crap.

it would be better to teach critical thinking skills to children so they could cut through the bullshit for themselves........but then again, schoolteachers are political constructs who dine on the efforts of trade-unionism and wouldn`t be motivated to teach boys and girls how to actually think.

so who is going to help kids to think for themselves?

mum and dad.

American Hill BIlly said...

Excellent Points,

I have been researching, and listening. Most politicians are being promised "safe" passage with any coming natural earth changes.

I do agree that to show ole' al' as the Zen God of science is pathetic. Russia amongst many others actually teach the truth, and that is where there is wealth of real information on the topic.

Funny, they have their people preparing; yet in the USA it is simply a far concept to even think. Everything has become only linear.

Oh well,
I hope all is well, and everything is going well.

Peace and Freedom

dr.alistair said...

google emmanuel velikovski and you will see the first televised witch-hunt of a scientist speaking the truth about catastrophic earth changes and possible reasons.

he was attacked by a young carl sagan on national t.v. and typical of our culture, people were unable to figure out for themselves what was going on as they watched.

velikovski left a popular body of work behind him with books like "worlds in collision" that are still available today.

when you read about things such as animals frozen solid with food still in thier stomachs, as you indicated, you realise that gradual temperature change isn`t the concern.

politics is a game of power brokering between bureaucrats, that we consume as a team sport.

American Hill BIlly said...

I really want my blog geared more at Metaphysics, but am trying to stay on the side of need to knows.

From what I have read, and understood, my conclusion is that we are indeed headed into another pole shift. I want people to be prepared for that, but as you pointed out the Buradicks are distracting, and dividing us all with silly little issues.

I have read that this pole shift will be an awakening cycle. If you don't allow yourself to wake, then you will sleep...permanently.
What do you think?

Peace and Freedom

Ricardo said...

I don't know what to make of any of it but if the global warming theory is true I don't want to be around to experience it. Bottom line for me is if it's true or not it still doesn't hurt to be good to the environment.

BTW I'd greatly appreciate your insight into a series that I'm doing about a strange dream I had.

Hope you are well.

dr.alistair said...

no, it doesn`t hurt to be good to everything and everyone by default.