Thursday, November 06, 2008

about time......

... i posted something.

ok, so we have a new president.

did you notice how little a deal it really is, or are you waiting for the music to begin and the curtain to rise on a different world?

so, once again, we are given the opportunity to see that everything isn`t political.

unless you are a control freak.

in which case getting "your guy" into office is critical.

me? i`m just doing the same shit.

breathing in and out. thinking. shaking my head at the futility. the abject boredom. the bankrupcy. the tiresome sameness of people`s expectation that things will change....even though they personally do nothing at all to effect such a change.

the only way things change is if we make them change.

voting once every four years isn`t doing it folks.

unless you are looking for a reason to be disappointed until it`s time to vote again.

look at hockey for instance.

the team does shit for a month and the coach and manager get fired.

maybe we should do that with presidents.

it won`t do much to change things either, but it would be more fun to watch.

because it is entertainment after all.

did you ever wonder why more and more pundits are comedians?


Ricardo said...

I went through a terrible bankruptcy but am glad to have the weight off my shoulders. Good to see you back.

dr.alistair said...

financial or emotional?

Ricardo said...

Financial. Not fun at all my friend.

dr.alistair said...

no. i would imagine not.

all the best though. it`s not how you fall, it`s how you get up that counts.

like in aikido.

roll with it, and use the momentum on the way up.