Sunday, November 16, 2008


why does this message of unconditional love for the self persist?

because if not, we would die.

this message is the essence of uor existance.

if we try hard enough we can shout it down, we can drug it or make it physically or mentally sick, or we can become so goal-driven that we exhaust ourselves and are doing nothing but working or sleeping.

and even then the spirit persists and even if we stop for a moment, the voice whispers still.

we then begin to realise just how hard it is to not unconditionally love one`s self.

but the un-merry-go-round still spins.......until we choose to step off.


K9 said...

didnt Jung say something to the effect of the lengths people go to to avoid looking into their souls? i know i butchered his elegant and correct statement.

dr.alistair said...

you got the essence of it.

nietzche said that it is important that will fill up our existance with bright shiney things, so that we will avoid facing the inevitable.

the inevitable is that we are spiritual beings and that our physical existance is temporary.

this terrifies people.

so we terrify ourselves by showing ourselves horrid pictures and talking to ourselves in scary our heads.

the alternative?

pictures of things that make us feel good.

and words of encouragement.

avoiding looking into our souls?

but mama, that`s where the fun manfred mann said.

make peace with the soul.

unconditional love for the self.

K9 said...

i read your comment about love conquering all. well, like i said to BBC - just a casual observation of families concerns me. if people cant forgive and love within that small of a group how are we going to have as the great bob marley said

one love. one world.

but i HAVE absolutely come around to understand who is and is not my enemy. systems are my enemy. not people.

now one thing i find very curious is how often i see people advocating to love some abstract people somewhere very far away while trashing their fellow americans or even blog mates. it is very very easy to "love" what you are not rubbing up against all the time.

like a hollywood movie star advocates for a killer or thug in prison. well if you are behind gated security walls and travel with bodyguards and hobnob in rarified air - you cant understand the people who have to actually interact with said thugs "hate" grrrhahahaha

or the violence you see in protests against other violence -or the intolerance now seen by those who wanted a NO vote on prop 8 in cali - against the ones they call intolerant who voted yes.

but i agree that self love might be step one.

but wait! how can you love yourself!

you have facial hair!
no dough!
wrong car!

just buy our product and all will be well....

dr.alistair said...

the hardest thing is to love locally.

we are taught obligation and conscience by our christian handlers, and this structure produces the anger and resentment towards those we are closest to.....because of the impossibility of meeting the obligations of doing and being things for others and meeting thier expectations.

this pressure begins in the family and generalises out into the community at large, to the point where we are shuffling low-tone hostility out of unreasonable expectations for those we come into contact with on a daily basis.

so the only way we can give from the "heart" is far away and overseas.....because if we give locally we expect something in return.

unless we can give unconditionally....part of the relationship we have with the unconditional love for the self.

in the dogmatic christian view that is what is known as selfish.

or minding one`s own business.

the beginning of this process starts with turning off the mainstream media....the guilt and anxiety creating mechanism that produces modern culture full of extreme images and lifestyles staggeringly unattainable to actual people.....and produces the occasional crash-and-burn victim to soothe our conscience.

after a few months of weening from newsporn one finds the ability to sit and listen to a still voice that allows for psychic space deep inside to open up and allow the appreciation of the local things that are the essence of our humanity.

birds singing in the trees and children playing in the schoolyard.

we then realise we can get our lives back.

but this takes time.

there are moments where i find myself in front of a t.v. occasionally and i`m staggered by the things we subject ourselves to passively.

deeply disturbing things that we have no hope of ever reconciling that shake us to the core.....

....unless we watch so long that we become numb.

this process takes years. way longer than most have to give, it seems, and many return to the dystopia in the hopes that things have changed and the children have been fed and there is a cure for ilnesses and that poverty has been irradicated and that we aren`t at war any longer.....