Tuesday, January 06, 2009


well, here we are once again begining a new year.....and i have little to say to mark the occasion other than to say what i always say; whatyouseeiswhatyouget.

seeing is believing.

you always hit the last thing you look at.

and so on.

you don`t need me to tell you to have a good year, you`ve already decided what type of year to have.....so i`d be wasting my time.

but i hope you`ve decided to make it a good one, nonetheless.


K9 said...

ive decided to approach 2009 as adventure. seeing IS believing im not going to tell myself its not true because i dont like or not want to address what i see.

as to the previous post - its kind of delightful to see blagovitch's hijinks annoy the controllers. and burris had a little fun with the reporterettes today. im hoping blago will be around for a while and then....sing like a birdie.

Ricardo said...

I'm glad 2008 is over it was an awful year and I'm hoping 2009 is a better one. Hope all is well with you.

dr.alistair said...

k9, go get whatever you desire....see it as so in your mind and hold the vision.

ricardo, see the comment above.

the longer we hold the vision clearly in our mind, the more likely we are to see it manifest in physical reality.

it may take years, but we`ve been doing it for years already, so what`s a little longer wait?

X. Dell said...

Happy 2009 to you too, Doc. If you had a good 2008, may this year go just as well, or better.

I always hit the last thing I look at? I'm not familiar with the expression. Were I to take it seriously, my knuckles would hurt constantly.

dr.alistair said...

we always hit the last thing we look at, literally or figuratively.

a child breaks a window because he or she sees it in thier minds to try to avoid breaking it....

and happy new year to you x. my 2008 got progressively better and ended well indeed.

2009 will be better still.....as i see it.