Thursday, January 29, 2009


this morning someone commented that we "anti-evolution" people are wrong. i posted the comment, then realised that the comment was to a post from quite some time ago....and i have no idea where the post of origin lies.

otherwise i would love to rejoin the debate.

in fact, let`s debate the point.

did humans evolve?

here`s my position.


we are a frail, hairless, slow bipedal hominid, with a natural propensity for technology....which we are developing.

it seems as if we are helping technology to evolve.....if anything can be said to evolve, as we remain absolutely and exactly the same.

we are best suited to comfortable condo living with high-speed digital telecommunication devices to banter with our tribe around the world.

and by the way, darwin was refering to the evolution of traits within a species. the differerence between beaks and claws and wing sizes of galapagos island finches.

not a monkey changing into a man.


K9 said...

grrrrherhahahaha! i can certainly vouch for the fact that birds are former dinosaurs. as an owner of chickens watching them pick up a bug and smash it into the ground, smearing its insides and feasting on them, then watching them run in sync with their 3 toed claw feet and weird all seeing eyes - im telling you its like a miniature jurrasic park.

i may be an ape, but i work on the hairy part as best i can. grrherhaa or, rather, ooooooo oooooo ahhhh ahhhh EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

dr.alistair said...

interesting. the bird/dinosaur idea has some merit, if for no other reason than that the dinosaurs are no longer here....unlike monkeys.

but we still don`t know how dinosaurs really functioned. jurassic park was a movie.

chickory said...

well i was using JP as a visual reference. ;-)

dr.alistair said...

is jp ape like, or more like a chicken?