Wednesday, April 22, 2009


clearly we seem to resonate more with the shit in the world than with that which could make us feel good....though maybe focusing on shit makes people feel good....but i can`t include myself in that group.

put twenty rats in a 100 square foot room with food and water and they will get along and avoid eachother for the most part.

fifty rats in the same closed environment will form small groups and be wary of others.

a hundred rats will engage in small-scale scurmishes over food, females and territory.

a hundred and fifty rats will tear eachothers balls off and eat thier own young......

if you can clearly see a hundred rats/people from where you sit; move.


X. Dell said...

One of the benefits of being a loner, I guess?

dr.alistair said...

me personally?

i`m not sure if i could be characterised as a loner so much as mildly intolerant of rat-like behaviour.

i take a carlinesque type view that people do strange shit and that it can be quite destructive at times.

one can sigh and say, well, that`s human nature....but if we are to evolve at all...and i did say if, then maybe it`s an evolution of spirit, consciousness and some sort of personal statesmanship.

this recession has the potential to bring out that in people, but all i see is the rats, and very little evidence of the kind of real bootstrapping that gives me hope for humanity.

see my next post...about my girlfriend`s daughter`s experience through rumania.