Sunday, May 24, 2009

could this be the reason......

.....the hair and nails gang are so cranky all the time?


Memphis Steve said...

"the rate that college-age women were developing narcissistic traits was four times that of men, when analyzing surveys taken from 2002 through 2007."

In light of the massive multi-billion-dollar effort to pump up the female ego, while castrating the males, how is this even a surprise? And yet, even so they immediately backpedalled and slammed on males just to make sure they weren't accused of misogyny and sexism.

dr.alistair said...

well, boys aren`t pushed into fashion shows and doll houses by thier parents....

...the culture it`s self is the enemy. blaming ad agencies and manufacturers misses the point.

we have all become fodder for our own greed.

the answer?

there is none.

eventually culture will swing back into the repression of the`s just the males turn now.

it doesn`t make the female of the species happy to be "top" either. in fact they are wondering where all the real men went to.