Friday, May 08, 2009

regarding my last post.....

....approaching mother`s day it is appropriate, i feel, to discuss a little bit about how some women really don`t like the man they married.

in my last post i provided a link to a blog wherein a woman has displayed a substantial dislike for the behaviour of her husband, and as a result, several women have agreed and indicated that they have similar feelings for thier spouses.

there are a number of questions i have for women such as this that feel that there is something substantially wrong, not with the relationship....but with the man they chose to be with.....however long ago that may be.

and then, in full public view (and let`s make no bones about things such as privacy and personal space here....) they rail on at length about how pissed they are that they can`t get thier man to do what they want to do.

my simple answer to that concern is; your men don`t want to.

your men will avoid, distort facts and "work late", and forget entirely the demands on a consistant basis....and risk you withholding sex from them as a consequence.

so this begs the question, why do men behave this way?

you failed to hold up your end of whatever bargain you struck in the first place.

and there are many men in relationships who fail at this also, but in this instance i`m refering to the blogger in the last post who fails to include herself in the equation......and get`s consistant results.

so what do we agree to when we marry?

the true answer to that lies at the heart of the problem.

now, if you`ll excuse me, i have to seed my girlfriend`s garden, do a few dishes, some laundry, make the bed, and prepare for a wonderful evening with my girl.


Vincent said...

I take your point and agree too, but ... No, I shall not say it. None of my business to comment on that blog.

K9 said...

i read the post and the comments and it bothered me. embarrassed me actually. i hate that a big deal was made about the card and getting gifts together. my approach has been at gift giving time i send from ME to the mothers gifts. if my husband sends nothing than that is his affair. i do not bear any responsibility for that.

it might be that we have no children, but because both our lives are centered on our own creative endeavors we have evolved -or devolved to some eyes - into independent contractors where neither party expects anything specific from the other other than to to have the others back. sometimes were in love, sometimes just friends, sometimes estranged in some way but - usually im up at the cabin during those times.

its the space that is our secret. hardley ever is there a have to, its almost always as want to.

i found the vocabulary and sixth grade i just wrote a note on notebook paper of the blog post in question to be annoying. how in the world did you arrive there. and i see also she never addressed your comment.

thanks for the comment on the dog. i also lost my 5 year old hen last night. i lost the other one in march. hawks. its been a shit week on the pet front i can tell you. i still have my youngsters (cockerel and pullet) and will get two new chicks next week.

i remember when i first started living up in the country and i would notice that "country people" were kind of indifferent to animals -or seemed kind of matter of fact with death and loss. now i understand better -dogs roam because you cannot fence of acres and acres - i mean beyond cattle fencing - chickens come and go; theyre meant to produce or be eaten, etc or killed by fox or weasel or snake or whatever.

because i grew up in a city environment i came to believe that my animals would die of old age after a long comfy life.

anyway, the woods are a constant instructor - lots of it harsh.

Badassmotherfucker said...

What are you, a fucking dick?

dr.alistair said...

vincent, i appreciate that you feel it`s none of your business, other than the fact that you agree. frankly, i was taken by suprise at the tone of the blog and the constant wave of persons agreeing with her dislike for men.

as a provider of family councelling it made me realise the pervasiveness of many who don`t seek help to untangle themselves from the pain they are experiencing in thier relationship...and feel it the other person`s responsibility to change.

k9, there was so much in your comment that suggests your ability to be you and allow your partner to be him....without guilt or blame. acceptance is a hard lesson for some.

the distinction you make between urbanites and city folk in relationship to thier animals is insightful.

our will to personify animals in our air-conditioned condos is in sharp contrast to the work or die approach the farmer takes.

and each is right for thier environment.

dr.alistair said...

and badassmotherfucker......or, midtown boy (?), i some, i am a dick.

especially those who want to constantly blame others for thier discomfort in a relationship.

so which one are you, badass or boy?

K9 said...

"work or die." ! grherhaha! exactly.

i think you just hit upon the new universal health care manifesto/slogan

you mean you wont be earning revenue for the state?

then no expensive meds for you, useless eater!


I love bald effeminate men said...

dr, alistar, you are so hot, you make the lump in my pants stand up like the statue of liberty! You sexy, sexy, hunk of man!!!!!!!!!

dr.alistair said...

k9, the simple fact remains that even though we treat our animals humanely, peole get treated like cattle.

dr.alistair said...

and neato? you have curious tastes.