Tuesday, May 05, 2009


for me it is no thing, to experience through you.

for me it all direct.



words come thrown, like hooks biting into flesh....ripping and tearing as they try to retreat.

do not talk to me anymore.

i gave you that space; but you came for more. so now you have forever.

my gift to you.


K9 said...

what has happened? well, you sound solid as a rock whatever it was.

dr.alistair said...

well, actually it was an incident on my bike....but it reminded me of wordslingers gone by...

i was riding home this afternoon and a motorist decided to run up behind me as i crossed the highway on-ramp entranceway and layed on the horn unnecessarily.

he then proceeded to yell at me as he drove bravely down the on-ramp.

i realise there are those drivers who, for whatever reason, see cyclists as second class citizens on the road...and i guess this guy fit that category.

a small part of me sort of wished he would have come back around and clarified his position....becasuse i was unclear about some of his points...but a larger part was mildly disappointed about thinking about applying the flat of my foot to the center of his chest.

i was grateful for the adrenaline dump though, it got me up the big hill and back home safe.

K9 said...

i like you even more now that i know you have a violent fantasy now and then. grherhahaha. that kind of driver is going to have a heart attack soon. probably not soon enough for anyone that has to interact with him.

we have so many drivers like that in ATL. "this is MY road! how dare you hold me up for 2.3 seconds!"

thats why i stay up in the woods more and more.

my dog might be going blind. i am anxiety ridden by it, doc. it kills me to look at her eyes cause they arent right and it feels like im blocked off from her spirit. terrible time.

dr.alistair said...

the road rage thing doean`t happen much here...at least i don`t experience it often. subtle things occasionally whereby a driver will close you out while you padal by as they sit at a light. but people are mostly being good sheep.

violent fantasy? yeah, for a moment i saw him sitting on his ass in the middle of the road wondering what happened....

you can`t be blocked off from her spirit because her sight is failing. her spirit sees in a different way....as does yours. it wasn`t her sight that brought her to you in the first place.

a friend once had a blind husky. the dog just appeared one day. it walked right up to him at an intersection. he had that dog for years. he was it`s seeing-eye-person.

sometimes i feel like going up into the woods, but i was asked to do something to help people lost in this crazy thing called society...and they help me too.

we are found if we choose to be.

that`s why i forgot the rage for the driver. i feel too good mostly.

it was a good reminder though.