Monday, January 25, 2010

logic vs. satire.

i try to think logically, and as a result people think i`m joking. robert anton wilson pointed that out in a lecture i posted on a video recently....the problem was that whenever you visited my blog, the video would begin to play and slowed the javascript fuction on your browser, making it difficult to scroll down the page.

i have now deleted the video.

hopefully i can find it on youtube so that it will be in a non-autoplay mode.

so, if you find this blog funny, sometimes it is because i`m deliberately attempting humour, and sometmes i`m making obvious logical comparisions that seem so ridiculous to the uninformed reader that it seems like a joke.

like the difference between counterfiet money and real bank notes?

the federal government has a magic wand that it waves over the paper before they ship it to the bank.

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K9 said...

im so glad you deleted it! everytime i came here my safari browser froze.