Saturday, January 30, 2010

are you the one for him/her?

much has been written and said written recently about relationships, as is human nature. we are all looking for the right person, one way or another, to have a relationship.

recently i was in a conversation with a group of people about what we want ed in a partner, and one woman went right into listing all the things "he`d better not be/try/do."

this angry position suprised me at first, but then i realised that many people are harbouring resentment toward others due to the fact that they have had bad experiences in the past....and are determined to not have that happen again.

the problem is that it`s not the next guy/girl`s fault.

the anger you feel from past relationships will be a problem in your new relationship unless you deal with it first.

so, instead of worrying so much about whether she or he is the one for you, maybe you need to decide if you are ready to be the one for the man or woman you`d like to meet next.

if not, maybe just get a cat.

or better yet, a house plant. cats need love too.


Grant said...

What do you have against plants?

dr.alistair said...

robert plant? nothing really....bit of a fraud these days, but great in the `70s.

i listen to a lot of different types of music, but snap a zeppelin cd in and everything else pales in comparison.