Wednesday, February 03, 2010

funny thing.

recently my girlfriend`s daughter college announced they were going to strike due to blah, blah, blah...

in otherwords, blackmail for more money.

typical unionist strongarming.

the strike date has been set for 11th febuary.

on the 10th of febuary, buddy, my girlfriend`s daughter`s fuckwit dog is due to have his nuts ritually removed at this same school. the school being a verterenary technology institute.

and here`s the funny thing. my girlfriend`s daughter`s dog is constantly checking to see if his nuts are still there. if he is shouted at, newspapered, smacked, or otherwise sanctioned, he will look back to see if the boys are still intact. it is almost as if he knows, at some time or another, he will be deprived of his sole purpose on this planet....and i can see his point.

my ex wanted to do the same thing to my alsatian dog rocky. my response was; no. and also, fuck off you chronic castrating bitch, you are busily psychologically chewing mine off with your teeth, leave the dog alone.

but back to buddy the retard cocker-poo (who thinks up these names? i know, the same dipshits that breed them.).

so, here`s me thinking that maybe, just maybe, in all of buddies checking and stressing and dithering he has somehow created a small rip in the fabric of time...allowing for an minor adjustment in the space-time continuum (see albert einstien`s ideas about special relitivity....this isn`t my idea, i`m not crazy.) and in so doing brought about such shifts in ideas and events that a whole school faculty decides to go on strike at precicely the time buddy was due to go in for surgery.

ok so, there are issues at work here that are outside of our ability to comprehend....especially if the concept is described using a word with two "u"s in a row like continuum...but damn if that isn`t the largest of co-incedances.

and regarding the matter of buddies nuts; he needs to lose them. having him boss of this house is wearing thin. the household has another dog. a 200 year old female tiny white something or other that insists on going into heat every six months or so even though she can barely walk or see...and so buddy goes around pissing on everything to let all the other dogs know that the bitch is his and growling and snapping at us while we keep them apart.


other than that, he`s a sweet, loyal, affectionate little chap who looks up at me with such love sometimes that it`s all i can do to look away.

i`m not wothy of such devotion, knowing what i know.


Anonymous said...
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週休 said...
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Anonymous said...

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dr.alistair said...

i`m not sure if it is possible to create an earthquake by human means....humans are notoriously dangerous in control of large amounts of things; money, explosives, political power....and so if humans could create earthquakes, there would be a lot more of them, i would imagine.

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