Saturday, November 24, 2007

unconditional love........for the self.

this is a concept that some have a hard time coming to grips with.

i will say it this way for fear of seeming dramatic or whatever;

all of the problems in the world between people are caused by our inability to love ourselves.


that is; without the thought of doing harm to the self.

out of this form of thinking comes all the moral and ethical solutions that our society struggles with.

when you are "in" love with yourself, then it is impossible to bring harm to others.

at this point one realises that there are times when harm comes to yourself and to others through situations that arise from time to time, but these are rare situations that warrant special attention from outside agencies such as family and friends and co-workers etc.

the moral and ethical solutions to societies problems are solved mostly through inaction.

don`t rob banks.

don`t start fights or arguements.

don`t resist the urge to be friendly to others.

don`t be greedy and strive for political office.

these are simplifications.

some of the more serious issues are things like;

forgive yourself.

forgive others.

accept the fact that we are all human and we make mistakes all the time.

in fact, most of everything that we do is "wrong", but who`s to just do it again. or do something else instead.

we are coming to a point in our conscious existance where, whether we like it or not, we are going to be asked to give up all of the noise of a culture bent on ownership and competition.

and whether or not it is that we are just getting a little older now, or that we are entering a new age of awareness on a global scale, the fact remains that the old ways of thinking about things and doing things are failing us.

and so.

see yourself as you go about your day.

do you feel a strong sense of feeling toward this person?

imagine that you are watching yourself on a youtube video going grocery shopping or making dinner while the kids are playing video games a few feet away, or waiting in the line-up at starbucks, or fixing a problem at work with colleagues.

are these good scenarios?

what would you do differently if you were directing your actions from this vantage point?

the continued watching of these videos is the process of beginning to love one`s self unconditionally.

as you watch the videos more intently you find yourself thinking of forgiveness and acceptance and the simple act of smiling more and seeing others smile too.

and you wonder why you never noticed this before and how good it feels to know that others accept you too.

oh yeah, and it is a process.

if you have been an asshole for a while now, it might take a bit for things to turn around.


Anonymous said...

Where does dumping someone via e-mail fall in your life??

BBC said...

Did you wash your hands before taking your brain out to do this post?

Unconditional love is a concept pushed by those that want you to love them in spite of the things they do and how they are.

Friend, on this planet there are conditions to love, and there always will be.

If there wasn't you wouldn't be going through a divorce. Just saying. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

dumping via e-mail falls into the best choice given the situation catagory.......and i know my apologies are meaningless.

and the unconditional love i`m talking about isn`t a position i want someone else taking for me.

i would like them to apply it to thier relationship with themselves.

regarding the divorce;

that was a mistake i made before i recognised myself.

a rebound from my first marriage, which was,in and of it`s self.....a rebound.

so that`s a brief history of 25 years of my life.

and i don`t have another 25 to spare.

so facing up to one`s strengths and limits can be a challenge and certainly a lonely endevour.

Anonymous said...

But you owe the other people in your life the fruits of your efforts.

That`s the way the world works.

dr.alistair said...

well, that`s a form of thinking that will oblige people into relationships that become prisons more than anything else.

like i said, i don`t have another 25 years to prove myself wrong.

and the world works in many different ways, not all of which result in conflict.