Friday, November 30, 2007

of some concern.

if this is the product of islamic fundementalism under sharia, we should be concerned that this sort of sentiment won`t arise amongst fundies of greater technological and tactical means (again.)............

this sort of incedent continues to underscore the savage agression generated by such extreme beliefs and political structure.

a deadly combination, and one that until recently was quietly forming amongst the muslim communities in canada.

sharia, for those in need of a definition, is a muslim legal system fun by clerics strictly adhering to extereme fundemental muslim law.

for those charged under this system the expectation is one of savage corporal punishment, ranging from whippings to stonings to amputations.

all in the name of a happy community.

in canada recently people charged and found guilty in sharia courts were abducted and taken back to complicit muslim countries for punishment.

don`t you just love multi-culturalism.


BBC said...

Whatever. This planet would be much better off if there was no Christians, Muslims, or Jews on it.

Sometimes I think the best solution is to kill them all and let their Gods sort them out.

But are we any better?

dr.alistair said...

well, religion, much like government and now science, is a social control mechanism.

a seperate entity designed to set boundaries for human behaviour.

makers of laws.

are we better?

what is better?

there is only one form of existance.

that of the individual.

groups of individuals become an amalgam that morphs into teams, groups, associations,leagues, societies, clubs, nations, etc......which are meta-states of the individual. but, over time become a new entity with seperate agendas from the individuals of which they are formed.

a comparison can be made with the function of the individual cells in the body having different needs from the human that they make up.

cells die every second of our existance so that we function properly.

will you gladly die for your meta-state?

that of government or religion.....or science or law.

plato, hobbes, marx, adams.....they all attempted to rationalise the relationship between the individual and the state.

personally, i find the process tiresome, as there is no possible way that the individual has the resources to fight such a mechanism.

mental health stems ffom knowing which struggles you have a likelihood of winning.....or at least surviving.

Ricardo said...

Sooner or later there has got to be a tipping point where people in the middle of this stand up and say enough is enough. I can't imagine that for such a large belief system that's in the billions that these types are speaking for the majority. It's unfortunate that these types are then perceived as the voice of the majority.

This causes hate crimes and all the other ugly stuff that you'll see on the news. It's an ugly cycle.

dr.alistair said...

sadly the middle way isn`t sexy enough to get the media`s attention and so it is left to some of us to whisper of such things quietly on a blog.

and live our lives accordingly.......

the "unconditional love" thing is my attempt.

nice to see you again ricardo.

cheers brother.

dr.alistair said...

and the woman in question has now been pardoned.

i guess someone mentioned foriegn aid........