Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a reminder.

in listening to a lecture by alan watts to ibm managers i was reminded of a distinction he made between mechanisms and organisms.

he said that mechanisms can be assembled and dis-assembled part by part with little or no damage to the device, whereas an organism has to be dealt with as a whole or it can be damaged irreparably.

yet scientists and engineers continue to damage organisms thinking they are mechanisms.

alan warned the ibm people almost 40 years ago that if they and others continued to do this that they would destroy organisms such as the environment or people or cultures within a few short years.

and here we are taking a mechanical approach to problem solving, whereas the solution is organic.

drugging people and selling carbon credits..............

instead of councelling people and reducing consumption.

but that would be too easy, wouldn`t it?


greg said...

Counseling (US spelling) people and correcting consumption isn't easy at all. Imagine trying to get people to take responsibility for themselves! It would be like taking away the automobile or cell phones!

dr.alistair said...

ah yes, taking responsibility for theselves.

don`t eat so much, excersise occasionally, and smile a little more.

i put the blame on the media for that one though greg. and benifit plans.

the thinking is that it`s ok to not exercise or watch your food consumption, because if you get ill, you`re covered...........

and so the media delivers more bright,shiny things to buy and eat and use and so on.

so, yeah, asking one to take personal responsibility?


what`s in it for them?

personal health and vitality aren`t of value to many these days when the prestige is in cars and houses and so on.

though i do see a trend in health and fitness amongst those of us heading for fifty.......sort of a mild panic.

though it does promote another form of cosumerism via gym memberships, personal training fees and triathlon equipment, etc....

there are thousands of week-end warriors on $3500 road bikes out there now.......but, as a by-product of thier need to be seen, they`re getting some exercise.

and the gym culture is a form of community that many wouldn`t have access to otherwise.

i am an extreme example though and i don`t believe i do what i do foe health reasons.

for me the motivation is to get moving and satisfy my need to feel my body come alive.

whether it be a soccer game or riding my bike or lifting weights, it is the thrill of movement.

i can`t explain it any other way.

i haven`t lost the child-like joy of wanting to be on the move all the time.

and i realise that most don`t share my enthusiasm.