Friday, December 28, 2007

a definition of intellect.

i read a definition of intellect some years ago that appeals to me to this day.

a measure of intellect is the ability to be able to hold two or more different views in mind for discussion, without judgement.

this mechanism allows me to read women`s magazines and liberal politics and so on without judgement long enough to gain some understanding of thier points of view.

recently i read alvin toffler`s eco-spasm, in an attempt to understand liberal views of the neccesity of tax increases as a hedge against inflation, and while i still disagree with the entirety of big government and the bureaucracy that emerges....i reluctantly see the point of controlling money in a closed system.

my view is that money in the form we understand it is the bars on a cage that holds us all in feudal conscription........but that`s just me.

oh, and another thing that struck me the other google the government?


brad4d said...

My money links have some extreme conceptual art in them, it started with "Tapeworm Economics" which Katherine Austin Fits coined for when she was working for Bush Sr. she told them THEIR policy would deflate the middle class completely, she was punished severely for truthfulness!

dr.alistair said...

the middle class are an artifice created to support industrial growth.

without them who would buy all the cars, fridges and toaster-ovens?

there are those who are predicting a sharp decline in the middle-class in the near future, a class suported by this delightfully delicate economic bubble that has been growing unfettered since the end of the last war.

though, if one gives any credence to the position of some that the whole of our money system is a fraud, then the laws that created the situation can always maintain it.

the invisible hand?