Friday, December 21, 2007

merry winter solstice.............

and santa and satan have something in common.

both are used to get children to behave.

and the letters re-arrange nicely in eaches name to spell the other.

and you never see them in the same place together.


BBC said...

Did you wash your hands before posting this?

And again, fuck comment moderation, just who do you think you are anyway?

God? Ha, ha, ha. God doesn't do comment moderation.

brad4d said...

They both wear red! I have been pointing this out for years, how they represent the conditions of love with materialism.

dr.alistair said...

i am a manifestation of the same god you are refering to least i think that`s what you are refering to.

and brad, they represent the the materialistic inside/outside cartisian thingy.

and buddha is a bit of a twat for sitting there grinning and not spelling things out more clearly.....but then again, in one sense, it is kinda funny.

brad4d said...

Santa is when kids realize parents will LIE to them for fun, so I was careful about denial & truthiness.

dr.alistair said...

there is a minister on the circuit somewhere in meatspace preaching that christians should reject santa from christmas for his promotion of deceit and crass consumerism.

i tend to agree, though without deceit and crass consumerism the politicians would be out of a job.

my guys are past the age where they believe in santa any longer and i discuss the philosophical structure of belief in all things with them in an open manner.

while they aren`t on x-box........