Thursday, October 16, 2008

pat condell.

as a communicator i struggle to say difficult things with the clarity of this man.

thanks to youtube and blogger i can now allow pat to speak for me on the thorny issue of the islamification of the west.

enjoy.....and please, once you have watched, let me know what you think.



Ricardo said...

He skates the razors edge and does it well. If you pay attention and listen, this man is NOT racist but worried that a theocracy is emerging in his country thus forming 2 governments. Not they way it's made to work. Why is Great Britain allowing for separate religious courts to function as a actual courts!?!?! And this is not just with the Arab community, it's done with the highly orthodox Jews there too who also have their own court from what I read and as a Jew I think the notion is ridiculous! I think it's absurd for any religion.

Also, he is speaking of the perversion of Islam which spawns off things like only showing one eye. What's that about? And our governments here in GB, Canada and the USA can make nice with the Saudis all they want declaring them allies and so fourth but they are one of the most repressive and barbaric nations on the map and it's not about Islam, it's about holding onto power and Islam is used as a very effective tool for it.

I have seen rallies in London where strict followers of Islam opely shouted for the killing of their fellow British citizens if they did not "submit" to their brand of Islam. They make no reservations in hiding there intentions to turn the place into an Islamic nation by means of violence.

What, my dear friend, is a rank and file British citizen supposed to say to that!?!!?

These people can get up there and call for his killing because he's not one of them yet he makes a reasoned and logical argument and it's hate speech? This guy doesn't want to hate them but he's not finding much like.

I wish more moderates who follow Islam would speak up and end this nonsense. But since there are factions that will kill them for doing so, I don't expect to see much of that.

dr.alistair said...

moderates never speak up.

as soon as one does one becomes something else.

billy connolly speaks up, as he always has...and makes himself a target.

the concep of religious boies acting within countries is not uncommon. sharia was practiced in ontario until as recently as three years ago, when the government finally outlawed it.

i`m sure it still operates here in one form or another.

sharia holds it`s self out as a benign community agency, administrating marriages, dealing in family finance and other social duties, yet it is used to enforce executions of those found guilty of religious indescretions punishable by death.

and funded by public money, much like seprate school boards, famiy services agencies, etc. here in ontario.

religion is saying by this, that they are government, at least at the civic level.

K9 said...

moderates in the UK dont speak up for the same reason they dont here - for fear of being shouted down for racism and bigotry. in ameriKa now anytime you make an observation of behavior and call it by its rightful name that makes you a "hater".

having systematically been told in schools and by pinheads in the media that they - by virtue of being western white people i suppose - have been the bastards of the world who agitate muslim immigrants by merely existing; i guess it is difficult to figure out how exactly to respond.

you have to decide that what you are is worth standing up for and you have to decide its more important than being praised for being tolerant of anything and everything by the most intolerant people on earth - politically correct thought police and muslims.

dr.alistair said...

k9, i agree wholeheartedly. ask the spanish how they feel about 800 years of moorish rule.

the much reviled white europeans designed and implemented everything we call home here, and those from around the world risk life and limb to arrive on our shores to make a peaceful life for themselves and thier families.

while this is a simplistic view, we must realise that nobody is risking thier lives rowing a raft of oil drums with thier kids on board across shark-infested waters to get to cuba.

and i have always known i am a white european, and male, which makes me the target of many a whispering campaign.....

....but until such time as the whisperers break cover they can have thier jihad.....or whatever wound-licking committee cluster-fuck they hide in.

many a liberal betrays thier own birthright unknowingly for the perception of being a "good" citizen.

it makes me wonder what some of these people have to hide by subscribing to such a moral high ground.