Friday, October 03, 2008

no shit sherlock.

"kellogs are working to make thier cereals more nutritious."


if they managed people wouldn`t eat them.

oatmeal, or as we called it as kids, porridge, is a dense, low glycemic food that is equally good for men and for horses......and as any horse owner will tell you......he ain`t feeding morning star lucky charms.

the majority of commercially available cereals are only as nutritious as the milk you drown them in, and your are better off eating the box they came in as they provide many minerals, oils and types of fibre not found in the nutitionally inert consumer product inside.

many of my weight-loss clients struggle with their wieght simply because the makers of these products lie to them, and while people try to limit caloric intake, the body needs nutrition from the calories ingested.

you would have to eat an entire box of special k, for example, to get enough protien and carbohydrate in a useable form to make it to lunch........ people struggle in agony all morning and over eat at lunch.......or struggle further in cognitive deficit until supper and then devour whatever is available then.

and continue to eat late into the evening, because the bodies natural tendancy is to eat when real food is available.

stomachs don`t lie.

eat oatmeal in the morning and have a salad for lunch and a sandwich and fruit for supper.

and wake up hungry.

repeat.....and live lean and strong with energy all day.

and stop getting diet advice from commercials.


American Hill BIlly said...

Excellent topic. I don't alway's follow; due to time constraints, but wish I could.

I used to own horses, and it was amazing giving them a couple cups of grain everyday. It would literally pack the muscle on. Give them more than a couple of cups, and fat. No grain, and their muscle would dissappear.

I agree with your food outlines.

United In Peace And Freedom

Ricardo said...

What;s awful about the cereals is that they never fill you up. I am always hungry after eating bowl after bowl.

Vincent said...

Fine words Dr, and I wouldn't touch cornflakes or any of that more sugary stuff myself.

But how is it that when I have a breakfast of oats porridge, & eat as much of it as I can, I'm hungry again so soon?

My stomach doesn't lie.

behindblueeyes said...

When I don't eat at night, I lie awake the entire night.

Ms. Q said...

I used to do my version of Atkins in that I ate grilled chicken and steamed broccoli and skipped rice. Essentially low-fat Atkins.

That didn't work too well - I think because it wasn't right for my body. I then stopped counting carbs and went for high-fiber carbs (like rye crackers) and higher fiber in general and then I started that smaller-meals but more snacking thing and without trying I lost weight and got a whole lot leaner.

I snack on little packets of roasted unsalted almonds and pretty much eat every 3 hours during the day.

Now that I think about your post title, if people are eating these (generally) low-fiber cereals, they won't be doing much, uh, well..


dr.alistair said...

hillbilly, men and horses differ little when it comes to oats.

vincent, i`m unsure also. do you so physical work? diet is only part of a spectrum of behaviour that results in health. it is important to look at all of the things we do in a day to evaluate our specific dietary needs.

for some, a bowl of oats will last all day, and for others they need more in an hour.

blueyes, are you thinking of food?

again, one has to look at what we have eaten all day, and even the day before, to be able to assess our re-actions to "diet" changes. there are no spot fixes when it comes to nutrition.

this isn`t meant to be specific advice either, as i don`t know the details of your experience and expectations regarding food, but is merely a reaction to your comment.

ms.q....yeah. no fibre, therefore no shit.

again diet is only part of weight management.

people re-act differently to the same diet also, so it`s important to try different things.

atkins type diet allowed me to lose 30 pounds in less than a year. i would eat meats and cheeses with no breads or pastas or rice.

the weight fell off.

i did eat some carrots and juiced the carrots also.

now i eat the porridge and bagels and my weight stays at between 195 and 205 or so.

in summary, it think we put too much thinking into food and diets period. the more we actually think about these things, the more we stimulate thoughts of hunger and are more likely to eat in the first place.

i help my weight-loss clients to see themselves at the ideal weight they want, and remember a time when they were in that sexy little number and just how damned good they felt in it.

now i know some, like ricardo, might have a difficult time with the issue of wearing a dress in the first place, but ricardo? you`re among friends`s ok to adress these issues.....but a word or two of advice before action.

3 blade razor.

but seriously, re-visiting a time when you felt you were at the ideal weight and shape and feeling good about returning there now, sends a strong message to the mind about making the necessary adjestments in your life to make that stimulating image you see in your mind become a reality now.

dr.alistair said...

oh and ricardo, i think the hunger thing is deliberate. the government knows fully well that these products are useless in providing nutrition for active people and so when people try to be active while eating this way they either stop or eat more....and get fat and then stop.

or get sick and stop.

so, the message is; stop being active.