Thursday, December 17, 2009

of course.

this is offensive to people who believe that a man and his wife don`t have sex.

those who believe that a man and his wife could live together and travel together but not have sex for the entire time they were married have some issues would think.

but then again marriage has got other purposes than sex and pregnacy in the normal human way.

transfer of assets for instance.

and i know a couple of women who have a personal relationship with the lord our saviour.

i guess if you don`t like sex with another person, a ghost will do.

one woman actually said to me with a straight face,  'i feel him move within me..."

you have just got to be kidding woman.

on another note, did you know that 95% of women that abuse thier children have never experienced an orgasm?

and futher, that toronto is known as the frigid woman capital of the world.


Grant said...

You should have asked that woman if Jesus prefers the boring old missionary position or anal.

Ricardo said...

Well I'm staying away from Toronto then!!! Geez.

Memphis Steve said...

Many devout Catholics hold the belief that Mary remained a virgin forever. The Protestant Bible includes absolutely nothing that supports this, but apparently it is an important part of the Catholic faith. I can't remember why. But since I am a Protestant, it doesn't matter to me because we don't believe that.

dr.alistair said...

grant, missionary isn`t boring, unless you are with a missionary....and anal, well the boyscout in me says "exit only'.

ricardo, the toronto position is only a small amount more than the national number. watch for the hair and nails crowd.....

steve, the virgin game is all about denial of pleasure, which leads to all sorts of guilt games perfect for controlling groups all week while the priest does what he wants. the opposite doesn`t work either, as we see when priests get busted.

we need moral boundaries, otherwise it`s all one long gay parade.....

Avery Parker Green said...

Was it consensual?
"I was raped by Jesus" = best icebreaker ever