Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what if....

...we never stop asking questions?

i am criticised occasionally for asking so many questions about everything....and i`m asked when the questions end.

they don`t.

questioning is a way of life for those on a spiritual path. those of us looking for enlightenment in all facets of our lives continually ask questions about....everything.

so if you are uncomfortable with the constant inquiry, i suggest you take up a religion.

you won`t have to ever ask a single question in your life again.

in fact, in most religions you won`t be allowed to.


K9 said...

the more you live, the more questions there are.

Matthewzor said...

Perhaps in religion there are few questions, but in faith there can be many. A good faith encourages questions, to deny that would be to deny one of the most important gifts we have. Without questions there would be no innovation and no new knowledge.

dr.alistair said...

yep, the more you live.....

zor, you make a good distinction between religion and faith.

i will be writing more about this as we enter into the "season".