Tuesday, December 01, 2009

do we have to?

do we have to choose a religion?

do we need to believe in something greater than ourselves?

i think most people are either already believing in something because of where they have found themselves through the actions of parents, family or friends....or they had questions of faith and asked a bloke in a dress.

i think that there is an energy that we are all part of that shapes this existance and that religion has usurped this knowledge and jumbled up simple concepts in mythology and fairy tales so that people are confused and sometimes even a little afraid to think for themselves and ask the questions they wanted to ask when they were five or six.

y`know, pat condell does a great service to people by giving them a perspective on religion that most are too close to to be able to distinguish the politics fromt he sunday hymns.

he is a little radical and he freely admits that he relishes the position of being a militant athiest.

so; the questions we wanted to ask when we were five or six.

where do trees come from?

god made them, mummy said. dad said that it is all a part of god`s plan for us all. the trees, the sky, the birds, the fields and the rivers.

all of it made by god.

why we asked?

so that we may know his splendour and that when we die we will be re-united with him and all of our loved ones that have gone before us.

(?) why do people have to die?

because it is a part of god`s plan. a mystery to us mere mortals.

pretty soon little kids stop asking questions because, frankly, it gets frightening. to think that a god made us and then summerily whacks us  whenever he feels like it......

and pretty soon the whys just peter out and we have this benign habit of going to church on sunday and watching our parents put money on a plate.

and personally that is why i think religion is a waste of time. and money.

and they do like our money don`t they?


K9 said...

trust GAIA! and the world bank and the UN. save the earth! its all the rage. why? cause that is GAIA's plan. now pay your carbon tax ore you will go to hell!

dr.alistair said...

i feel bad now.

i just bought an suv.....

K9 said...

9th ring for you buddy!