Friday, March 09, 2007

t.e. lawrence.

t.e. has me thinking of dreams and how they shape our thinking.

we are made up of what we think about, and certainly dreams, whether sleeping or awake are a significant part of this.

we can also decide what we deam about.

we can progam the process.


by reading about dreams and goals and desires and seeing ouselves in whatever dream we envisage as actually happening now.

this process becomes a habit after a while and the dreams that seemed to faint and distant form into reality to absolute that we fogret that we dreamed it all first.

it has happened that way many times for me........and for you when you think.

so, let`s do it again.


KB said...

I dream/fantasize or whatever you call it a lot. I see things happening, I sometimes MAKE them happen. It's kind of like a rehearsal. It can be a good tool - for seeing things go the way you want them to. But including others in your dreams is silly, because it 'assumes' you know what they are thinking....

dr.alistair said...

kb, that`s interesting.

you are right that we can never assume what others are thinking, but not to include them in your dreams might not be fair on them......

especially if they want to be included.

i have to agree that seeing your dreams as real helps them to form in reality, and of course this brings into question what reality is after all.

and that`s what my inquiry here is all about.

the observations and discussions always lead back to our own involvement in creating our own reality.

and look at the types of reactions i get to my posts.

each different comment is evidence of a totally different universe existing in the minds of the people responding to the blog.