Monday, March 19, 2007


this is a picture of a friend of mine`s son. the boy has just turned pro as a cyclist and this is part of a photoshoot for some advertising the boy is doing for one of his sponsors.
the cyclist pictured above stole my heart ten years ago when he was the same age as my oldest boy is now. his energy and simple joy at being alive cut through even my thick skin.......
my oldest boy was born not long after i first met him.
we are all the same. me, my son and charlie. we just love life.
charlie is now not so much a boy any longer.


Cynnie said...

you have thick skin?
mine is like tissue paper,,
I'm always willing to love someone..
until they give me a reason why i shouldnt..
and i've rarely been hurt..
it works for me

dr.alistair said...

i lied......

the little man touched my soul.

now he`s a silver surfer.

a bullet.

Cynnie said...

i loved the silver surfer..

so you're a liar?

dr.alistair said...

well, in that specific comment i did.

i don`t make a habit of consciously lying. i find that to be destructive.

though the subject of lying is a fascinating one.

there are times where there is no recourse but to lie............

............or comunicate in an ambiguous way.

Cynnie said...

lying fascinates me too..
I'm unable to lie..
can't do it ..
I feel like the other person just KNOWS..

I'm gullible as hell and I'm always surprised when I find out someone lied to me.


barista grazioso said...

That's an amazing photo. What a priviledge for you to be able to watch him go from young to *this*, and be able to experience his highs, lo's, in-betweens, the obstacles & triumphs.