Thursday, March 01, 2007

a process.

firstly, i will say that the map is not the territory.

then i will proceed to irritate the dogmatic and the unicorn lovers and those who think that god is sitting on a marble chair up in the sky.

occam`s razor is a logical mechanism that says that the idea that explains the most issues with a problem in the simplest terms is generally the answer.

so here`s the thing.

we go inside our minds and show ourselves pictures and talk to ourselves in all manner of different ways.

this process creates our reality.

we gain feelings from this process about what the world is about.

this filtering mechanism is occuring 24/7 in everyone`s minds.

so what about the "actual" reality that is going on around us?

we edit, delete and hallucinate all of the imput that we recieve from the "objective" reality that goes on outside our heads anyway, so it becomes redundant after a while anyway.

there are those who would go so far as to suggest that it doesn`t even exist.

but anyway, the internal process of pictures and words stimulate our nervous system that release chemical triggers called neuro-peptides (transmitters.) that are coded to match areas of our brain that run reality progams.

if you see and imagine lemons in your mind and pretend to bite into one, you are going to salivate.

bill may choose another object for this example which is equally valid............

if you see a memory of your old school house in your mind you can see, hear, taste and smell and feel all sorts of attendant experiences as a result.

or that long fogotten love.

or winning that memorable game.

some will get upset that i have in some ways trivialised a wonderful mechanism, but this is n`t the case.

i have broken it down to show you that you can choose which pictures to show yourselves and what to say to yourselves and how to say it.

and get the feelings you want as a result.


Hammer said...

We are not that far removed from animals in the way we percieve and process input from our environment. The self aware part of us and our emotions seem to take us that one step further.

Been having a hell of a time commenting on your blog, it's being very tempermental the past two days.

dr.alistair said...

hammer, thanks fr your persistance.

billy isn`t so determined.

he has refused to comment here until i change my filters........

regarding how animals percieve. i have no idea how they percieve until they tell me and that is true of humans too.

i only know what other people tell me about how they see things.

i appreciate your continued commentary.