Wednesday, September 23, 2009

crop circles.

over the years i have been fascinated, frustrated and now mostly disappointed by ufo reports, documentaries and interviews.

i have mostly lost interest in the field, but when it comes to crop circles my fascination persists unabated.

now, i`m not correlating ufos and crop circles in any way. i pesonally think the crop circle is a natural phenomena that has eluded detection, and not something sinsiter or dangerous to humanity.

anyway, enjoy the documentary for what it is. an exploration into the unexplained.


Grant said...

Crop circles are easily explained - lopsided cows.

Okay, now I'm off to solve world hunger.

dr.alistair said...

hmm, could be. are these lopsided cows emitting microwaves?

good luck with the world hunger thingy.

Vincent said...

Dr Alistair, sir! What do you mean, "unexplained"? They were fully explained years ago, when one of the students who made them gave detailed instructions and even filmed how they are done!

But go ahead, enjoy them. Just don't listen to all the spurious explanations as on the video, unless to marvel at the bogosity.

Vincent said...

It's odd how rational explanations do nothing to damp the ardour of believers, whether it be Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, or crop circles.

Vincent said...

See for example the Wikipedia article.

Ken Vandre said...

Having seen a UFO with my sister and having listened to skeptics try to explain it away in conventional terms that didn't even come close to what we saw, I can't help but have an open mind when it comes to crop circles and some other anomalies. For us the UFO sighting experience was like seeing an airplane up close--before airplanes were invented--and having skeptics who weren't even there tell us that what we saw was a car.

I've read (and watched) both sides of the crop circle argument pretty thoroughly, and my intuition just won't let it go. I know that people are capable of incredible things--even complex crop circles!--but for some odd reason my intuition keeps nudging me to think that in the case of at least some crop circles there's something strange going on. I don't think the microwave damage to the crops, the electromagnetic anomalies and the intricate interweaving and layering of grain stalks (well documented in pictures and video) have been explained very well by the human circle makers. At least I haven't seen it yet. Otherwise I would have given up looking at and wondering about crop circles a long time ago.

Still, keeping an open mind means that I'm still willing to be convinced in the skeptical direction, as I have been in the case of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. (Although in those cases I was convinced by bullies beating me up, not by scientific proofs.)

K9 said...

as earth art it is amazing they can have it be so geometrically accurate making it at ground level -it would be difficult to get it right so it looked good from above. i was always intrigued as well with those big white paintings of animals and insects dug into the andes mountains. who did they make them for? and what about the landing strips? the world is a dull place if no UFOs come here.

*the colonization process has already begun. started with congress*

Tammy said...

The thing that is most phenomenal about crop circles is the shear ignorance of people regarding their phenomenal appearance.

They only appear near known earth energy vortexes which there just so happens to be a vast amount of in the UK.

I believe that the earth and the universe create them in much the same manner as the planets communicating through vibrational sounds. There are photos of beams of energized light streaming from the heavens to the very space that a crop circle appeared moments later.

There is no connection between UFOs and crop circles. All implications to this notion are false and have been proven to be such by the true scientific crop circle researchers.

The planet and some unknown far removed source are creating billboard messages in the only way it can naturally ... using graphics that are bizarre in a medium that is completely crazy for a good reason. People are so over run with advertising and information they would never pay attention to another method of accepted communication.

dr.alistair said...

vincent. the student showed how he made one of them. a couple of old farmers also claimed to have made a number of them in the `80s. they`ve been dead for years though....

ken, thanks for your comments. skeptics come in a number of varieties. the healthiest look for proofs and reasons, while the others do damage and insult people.

i haven`t seen a ghost, a ufo or a crop circle, but if people report seeing such things, i will be keen to listen to what the have to say and look at the evidence.

as long as thier proofs aren`t in the form of a new dvd they have for sale.

k9, as art alone some are staggering. the ancient peruvian symbols are similarly remarkable...and if ufos aren`t coming here then yeah, this is a dull place, in many ways.

and we are paying attention.

though i could think of a few better ways for a consciousness to get it`s point across.....

tsmmy, i think you are right that many of these marks in the crops are signals, or certainly artifacts of an unknown energy phenomena.

Vincent said...

We have more than one student in this country. They seem to be here to stay. They want to show their creativeness and ingenuity.

dr.alistair said...

vincent....i would hazzard to guess that there are millions of students in britain....and statistically speaking, none of them are claiming to be making crop circles.

especially the ones that display micro-wave damage and higher order mathmatics in thier design and layout...or in the sheer impossibility of one or two people with planks trampling out a shape in a field under cover of darkness, with the resulting formation comprised of hundreds of perfect circles and designs stretching hundreds of feet across a farmers field.

i have done surveyors work in laying out foundations for home building, decks and pools....and the job is difficult enough in daylight when you are allowed all the equipment and noise of a worksite, but when it comes to covert work, it is clear even to to the untrained observer which images the humans have made, and which ones seem to be done by some giant computer assisted layout device.

or humans with access to the afore-mentioned device.

dr.alistair said...

and kevin. i would love to hear your account of the ufo you and your sister witnessed....if you have moment.

Ken Vandre said...

Thanks for asking. My sister and I lived in Wisconsin at the time (in '77 or '78), in a town on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was in August, because we were watching the Perseid meteor shower, as we did almost every year. We were standing in a parking lot, with a car wash to the left of us and a row of houses in front of us, across the street from the lot. The moon was out and pretty bright, because I remember there were some cumulus cloud "puffs" in the sky glowing in the moonlight. These details are important in describing the UFO, as you'll see, and both my sister and I talked about the details that night and later on.

While we were facing northeast, toward both the car wash and the houses, we saw a black object--about as big as a two-story house--fly as fast as a plane coming in for a landing over the car wash roof and continue over the houses. It was about thirty feet above the rooftops (about sixty, seventy feet away from us), completely silent, and completely black, not reflecting any of the light from the moon or the street lights. The only way we could see it was because it blotted out the stars and the clouds, and it had grayish highlights. My impression was that it was round, like a giant ball of steel wool.

It happened so fast that neither of us said anything until we watched it disappear in the distance. Then we both turned to each other and said something like, "Did you see that!?" We described it to each other and realized we had pretty much seen the same thing.

Other people said it was birds or bats (it was way too fast for that, too large and obviously solid). I've seen bats fly in flocks, but it was nothing at all like this thing. Some said it was a Stealth fighter (they aren't silent, and there was no air force base anywhere near us). Some said it was one of the Perseid meteors (flying horizontally with no fiery tail and in the wrong direction?). Some said smoke (nope). All I can say is that it didn't fit anything conventional that I could think of. And that's as far as I've ever said. I didn't want to jump right to the conclusion that it was aliens, but it sure had us mystified.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, i`ve read reports of that nature in the past. one can`t jump to the conclusion that it`s piloted by wee green lads, but to have stood under such a ship as it flew over has to shift one`s perception of things substantially!

i appreciate you taking the time to share.

people try to fit experiences such as yours into thier known phenomena, and when it doesn`t fit, they reject the report, and unfortunately yourselves with it.

for what it`s worth, i believe that you saw what you say you saw and it remains a mystery.