Thursday, September 24, 2009



X. Dell said...

I see you're playing with yourself.

Actually, there are a nice load of downloadable software that could make self-multi-tracking much easier than in the days before TASCAM. Much cheaper than TASCAM too.

BTW, I could have used stuff like this when putting together The Golden Ganesh.

dr.alistair said...

(blush) yeah, i had a protools suite on my old computer, but with hardware lag and slow chip speed, i got frustrated.

i like the live to air jam much more....even if it is only with myself.

i have toyed with the idea of buying an old teac reel-to-reel for those long winter evenings and some natural tape compression.

the nostalgic sounds of one`s youth return.

i will look into the downloadable software though. this computer is quite a bit quicker than the old one.

K9 said...

my husband has a ton of old gear. lots of sixties amps -the teac reel to reel -old effects pedals....i just made a video with some old sly and the family stone for the soundtrack -what a cool cool sound they had. the new stuff is too gimmiky and electronic. to smooth or something.

fun to see you playing with yourself. (grrherhahaha)

er, have you ever messed around with garageband?

K9 said...

btw: notice how much more interaction you get with out the word veri and comment mod? yay!

dr.alistair said...

i had a teac 80-8 for years until i traded it for a jackson strat. great sounding tape recorder. i find the digital stuff too bright and shiney somehow, though i do get a taste for composition occasionally, like yesterday....

...frustrated cellist.



i had a struggle with protools when it first came out.. my computer was too slow and the device just never quite worked for me. too many files and not enough ease of use.

i like the old knobs and buttons approach....

i have worked in studios where protools is runningthe show and i do like the things you can do with it, but it has a clearly identifiable sound to it that i can hear a mile away, and even now it makes me cringe when i hear a phrase in a piece of music repeat over and over in that cut-and-paste way.

give me live right off the floor anyday.

mistakes and all.

and yeah, the hitrate and replies have increased since i`ve gone without protection.

Vincent said...

Nice. I shall stop arguing with you about crop circles, by way of homage to your musical talents.

dr.alistair said...

ok. arguement? exchange of ideas?

i don`t really know what these things are about, and if they are all hoaxed, then we are all alone here on this rock spinning through the vacuum of space....

....and that`s weird in and of it`s self.

and thanks for the complement.