Thursday, September 24, 2009

my point.....

is that, this pattern is made up of 409 individual cirlces stretching across 780 feet of a farmer`s field.

assuming that a hoaxer would have free access to this site for the full period of darkness without interruption, he would have, at best, 8 hours of darkness.

within this timeframe he and his assistants, if he had them, would have to stamp out 409 circles.

(sorry,  i just laughed then.)

i divided 8 into 409 and got 51.1

this means that he and his agents would have had to be making 51.1 circles in an hour.

around one each minute or so.

and i can`t say with certainty that his feat is impossible, but fairly improbable in the scope of human behaviour.

so let`s ask a simple question.

why would a human or humans do such a thing?

in the cases that we know whereby humans have come forward to say they did hoax circles, they said they did them for a variety of reasons.

1) a practical joke.

2) to prove that humans are making them.

3) to dis-prove an unexplained phenominological reason for the formation of these circles, for whatever private or group agenda they may subscribe to. (mostly religious or scientific)

in all of these instances the hoaxer eventually comes forward to lay claim to the circle.

when we look at the majority of the clean, clearly machine laid-out images that are documented on a variety of sites at our fingertips, we find that nobody is coming forward to claim to have made them.


because they would have to prove how they did it...


Grant said...

You keep leaving my explanation of lopsided cows out of your arguments. Clearly, you fear my insights.

dr.alistair said...

ok so you feel that cows falling over could explain the cirlces left in the corn.


could be bunny marks...

labcat said...

i'm betting on a yeti with a spirograph.

Vincent said...

D'oh! It's so obviously a faked photo.

Vincent said...

The dark lines going across the field are the inevitable wheeltracks of the tractor which sows the seed.

When making a crop circle, you flatten the standing corn. You would obliterate those dark lines which are actually shadows on the standing corn.

Furthermore, crop circles on unripe corn would not be of that pale colour.

Hoaxers work in teams and in 99 cases out of 100 they do not say "I have performed a hoax". There is little point in repeating that all the time. Their fun is to fool the undiscriminating, and to compete with one another to produce ever-more complex patterns. If you go back over the years you will see this.

The easiest way to fool the undiscriminating is to fake the photo, as here.

dr.alistair said...

hmm, interesting points vincent.

you might find it interesting to see some of the video where people are actually inside the circles where the tramline furrows are still deliniated, as the flattened stalks seem to follow the impressions made by the tractors when they originally sowed the crop.

and this isn`t a new phenomenon purpose driven to hoax the gullable.

to what possible end would that be?

these videos and pictures are available at no cost to all of us, and other than colin andrews and a few other poineer documentarians, nobody sells books on the subject.

and 99 out of a hundred, how do you derive that figure?

Vincent said...

Here's a Guardian article. Its author summarises the position. I had thought the crop circles had died out because everyone knew their hoax origin by now, but the article explains how there is big money available to keep the illusion going - as in the magical profession.

dr.alistair said...

so..its all either faked photos of impossibly large images, or it`s artists, or it`s big business.....

ok. i can see that perspective, and it`s a pervasive one at that...but we are forgetting that religion and science both want the dog in a hat to go away in any way possible.

the last thing the bishop wants is for a miracle to be performed in his diocese.

but that same science reveals some very interesting things about some of the formations in question.