Tuesday, September 08, 2009

mr. frost


jeff goldblum plays mr. frost.

watch the movie.

one of my favorite movies of all time.  i had actually forgotten about the film until tonight when i was searching google videos for something else and i fell into a rabbit hole of seeing things that interested me and following links and doing different subject searches......until along with a whole bunch of other things that was nothing to do with my original search, came the movie linked above.

now i`m going for a bike ride.


K9 said...

good to know. because nothing produced lately is of interest to me. i recently saw "mr brooks" on the satellite and i loved it!

what in the hell does you need more cowbell mean?

dr.alistair said...

mr. brooks was intense.

the cowbell thingy is explained here...


another movie i really enjoyed recently was michael clayton starring george clooney.

mr. frost is a movie i have tried to find at rental places with no luck. thankfully i can now watch it free thanks to the magic of the internet.

K9 said...

im Shiva the God of Death!!!!!!

i loved it too. it may be the one time i really liked george clooney.

mr frost. watch it free? on the internet? how? cant be utube.

re: cowbell. no i saw that post already. what am i missing. walken in a egg foam room? not explained!
help a dumb dog out brutha.

dr.alistair said...

clooney was good in solaris also, from my standpoint, and also in burn after reading....because he was such a dick.

walken in an eggfoam room alludes to the dance he did in a music video, and the seventies vibe he is getting with the leather jacket....reminiscent of seventies music and the delicious pre-boofie cowbell of such exisstential tunes as mississippi queen, or if you prefer, we`re an american band by grand funk.

the eggfoam room is a dead room for recording musical instruments dry (without effects such as reverb, echo or flange, phase shifting or compression...to name a few).

dr.alistair said...

and i meant pre-boogie...not boofie.


K9 said...

okay. pre boogie? like mesa boogie? anyway. i should know this. there is a recording studio in the building with my studio. in fact, a gold top lives in there. gah! i love mississippi queen. you know what i mean? i love how the guitars sound.


what else is on the movie list. i havent seen one new movie come out i would pay to see. have you?

dr.alistair said...

frankly no. my girlfreind`s son rented the watchmen the other night and, it wasn`t bad, the naked blue guy was a bit much......

movies that have moved me?

a movie called broken was interesting. people were being replaced by standins and the woman heroine becomes increasingly terrified as the movie progresses.

my girl and i are about to watch mr.frost on the computer.

pre-boogie. my term for the intro to the tune...the bit with the cowbell that sets the tension.

i gave my gold top to my son for his 13th birthday. he brought it by the other day.


i`m gonna get another one.