Monday, September 28, 2009


now that i`m re-visiting some of my favorite`s a motherwell. not a lot to do with crop circles...unless you are talking about the one`s made by people.


K9 said...

i love this and its companion elegy for a spanish republic. this is masculine art - it commands space like a rothko but in a louder way. great choice to highlight.

dr.alistair said...

it certianly does command space, much like the larger polllocks.
the beginning of this series was as a response to my posts about crop circles and the fact that some of them had been made by artists needing a large canvas

funnily, even the samller motherwells really expand into the space where they hang. i saw a series of motherwell lithos in a gallary in toronto. they were no more than two feet by six or so, but the effect in the small gallery was awesome.

in retrospect, i`m suprised that my friend and i just walked in and right up to the works, as they had to have been nearly a million apiece in the mid eighties.