Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the next part of the very very cool video.

i assume that you watched the first part of this video.

if you didn`t, or have no intention of watching the first part, ignore this part.

if you did watch the first part, and didn`t jump ahead and find this second part on your own, then you will really enjoy this second part.


Vincent said...

I listened to a bit of the first part. got bored. Do not like the man's delivery.

My guess: it's not cool because the man is a wonderful human being, or because he is one of the world's outstandingly brilliant scientists etc. It is cool because it preaches the very same dogmas espoused by Dr Alistair.

Please save us the agony and express those dogmas in a few crisp sentences.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, the man`s deliver is extremely visual and hyper-active...but he`s genuinely excited by what he speaks about nonetheless....

he says than man`s fixation with newtonian mechanics and the molecular model of existance is outmoded.

the making new molecules to fix old, sick and broken ones doesn`t work.

he prefers the inclusio of energy into the system to replenish that which has been lost, for whatever reason that might have occured.

and i tend to agree.

whether that`s dogma or not, i`m not sure.

consciousness and spirit seem to be all that we are.

if we are dogma, then that would be funny wouldn`t it?