Monday, July 27, 2009


does anyone know a woman named cynthia, or cindy, or cindee....who isn`t a complete psycho?

i apologise to any cynthias reading this that aren`t spun completely about thier y axis...though i haven`t met one yet who wasn`t entirely hoot owl doesn`t mean that there isn`t at least one girl, who, upon birth was christened as above.

and if anyone has noticed this trend themselves, could they offer some rhyme or reason as to why?


Grant said...

I find your observation narrow-minded, idiotic, and you should in no way be encouraged by the fact that the only Cindie's I know are, in fact, insane emasculating bitches. I don't know why.

dr.alistair said...

i was hoping you would....

...maybe we have discovered a universal constant?

a friend of mine met (bought) a beautiful stripper, and apparently she liked him so much that she told him her real name.

you guessed it. cindee.

i warned him, run while you can...but his dick said "hell, i`m the man for this girl...."

they saw eachother a few times (read; he bought her stuff.) and she invited him to her place.

he was excited by this, for obvious reasons....and i said look, there is only one way with this girl, you have to pick her up and throw her over your shoulder the minute you get in the door, and head right for the bedroom..otherwise you will be left ticking over all evening while she rattles on about shit.

so, bless him, the minute he gets in the door he grabs her in a fireman`s carry and makes for the stairs.

she screams...."you have your shoes on on my new carpet!".
now, my mate sure does know how to pick women though, but cindee?...c`mon.

Vincent said...

You have something here. I have known 3 Cynthias and each was weird in a similar way that I find not easy to define.

Now I'm wondering if this is a bit like reading one's horoscope from a random star sign. Perhaps I'll get a similar result from thinking about a different girls' name.

dr.alistair said...

yeah. this observation goes back to the mid-eighties, when i began to notice a pattern of cynthias behaving in strange ways.

no melanies or mandys or pattys or dawns or sues.

no dales or hilarys or stephanies either.

just cynthia.