Wednesday, July 01, 2009

canada day.

celine dion is an alien.


Chris J. said...

I thought that had been common knowledge for years.

dr.alistair said...

it came as a suprise to me. i saw a picture of her in the grocery store alongside ed macmahon (who i thought was dead already...) and i realised she was from another planet.

thank god i don`t have to hear her sing though....french accent, hairlip....jeez.

K9 said...

neigh neigh neigh (thats a horse whinny not a disagreement

summer's cool. im growing a garden, building a fish trap and in general building an infrastructure now to avoid the tyranny of the dark overlords aka the us government later. grherhaha

i read something you wrote at ricardos's -about false modesty? amen brother. i am so sick of this fake humility; say what ever to get along and be non threatening. what a nation of pitiful geldings. no wonder this nation is in the crapper. tiptoeing our way into collapse.

glad YOU are holding the line.

dr.alistair said...

hello k9, good to hear that your summer is going well...

....false modesty. typical of liberal types (passive-aggresives.) striking for the moral high ground.

if you think the us is suffering you should try the canadian version. people saying sorry event though they were before you in line or walking in the mall.

fuck off saying makes me suspect your intentions.

interestingly, saying sorry, in transactional terms, is permission to do it again.

i`m glad that the us is going military in afganistan finally...too many cluster-fucked soldiers being picked off while they "keep the peace".

if you are strong-minded enough, it might be instructive for you to watch a documentary on the congo and the un`s involvement in destabilising the nation`s economy in the early sixties. the piece illustrates the new world order mentality of bureaucrats and thier attendant military lackies.

i will post the link on the blog.

and, yeah, i will always hold the free or die.

dr.alistair said...

here is the link to the video. this is the 5 minute preview. search for it on google video and get the full version. i just couldn`t grab the link as my computer was acting up.....

j edward griffin has a lot of interesting things to say about how our countries are being led down the garden path. his discussion on individualism vs. collectivism is an eye-opener, and one that ed begly jnr. types would do well to watch.