Friday, July 24, 2009

a question.

if you pull into a parking spot only to notice that the spot is marked disabled, with a sign that has a concrete stand, what do you do?

a) find another spot to park.

b) move the sign to another open spot.

and if you chose b, are you still parked in a disabled spot?

i realise that`s actually two questions, but i think you can deal with it.


Hammer said...

A round here that will get you not only a ticket but a trip to the grey bar motel.

Grant said...

Although you're not officially handicapped, you're hurt so as long as you limp noticeably you should be able to park there.

dr.alistair said...

hammer, i sense a real will to bureaucracy in your neck of the woods....

grant, i can limp for miles. i don`t need preferential parking....though, i noticed at the new starbucks here in waterdown, all of the parking spots in front of the shop are for those with handicaps.