Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a visit to the chiropractor.

gets a blank look.

i dunno, he said.

go get some x-rays, he said.

oh well... slightly better than visiting a medical doctor, as he actually released the kneecap somewhat, and while that gave me a minor headache for a bit, it gave me further encouragement in that he didn`t find that the knee was unduly damaged.

and the knee hasn`t got worse....


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

wat happned ???

dr.alistair said...

with the knee initially, or at the chiropractor?

i hurt the knee playing soccer last friday and it still won`t hold my weight.

at the chiropractor he twisted it around, asked if i had discomfort, clicked it a few times with his clicker (if you`ve been to a chiro, you`ll know what it is...)and generally had no idea what was going on.

i went feeling that he would at least give me some idea as to the structure of the knee and what mechanism in the area i`m feeling pain and weekness he thinks could be the cause of the problem.

he didn`t.

so i will continue with my inital plan.

push the shit out of it as best i can in the weight room until i`m able to bear weight into a squat, and then try running.

in the meantime riding the bike up more and more hills.

by the way, this was the way i recovered from 4 knee surgeries on the left knee, a seperated shoulder and a torn left bicep, so i have some direct knowledge of the process.