Wednesday, October 05, 2005


the manufacturers of cigarettes love to have you believe that thier product is addictive. it warms thier hearts to think that you think that it`s impossible to stop consuming thier product.
but what if smoking cigarettes isn`t addictive?
the word addictive makes a person imagine controlling behaviour. to believe one is addicted to anything is to relinquish control to whatever the substance makes us do. pretty disempowering.
no wonder cigarette companies love the mere thought of the word and they`re going to allow the word to be used as often as possible.
so part of stopping smoking is to stop using the word.
what does an addicted person do?
we have a general idea of how an addicted person behaves. they will do anything to get what they`re addicted to. the will spend thier money. they will lie, steal and cheat. they will destroy friendships. they will risk life and limb to get what they need. generally these people are doing serious drugs or are gambling to behave that way. these people are addicted and are likely to cause themselves serious harm quickly as a result.
if nicotene, the chemical in cigarettes that smokers respond to, was addictive then there would be people that would be lying in ditches covered in nicotene patches.
thats not what happens.
i`ll discuss more about what does happen in the next post.

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