Wednesday, October 19, 2005

how to lose weight.

how to lose weight is pretty straight forward. intake less calories than you are using to run your system each day, exercise a bit(move around.) and learn to actively relax by meditation, self-hypnosis or yoga and if you aren`t already drinking two or three pints of water a day start now. choose to do these simple things now and relax knowing that like the beating of your heat and the in and out breathing of your lungs your body will automatically do precisely whats needed to drop unwanted pounds.
how does the word diet make you feel? no kidding. hard work, discomfort bordering on pain and little results. so don`t diet. eat when you are hungry. you can eat an enormous amounts of salad with little effect on your wieght.
and here`s the magic. see yourself thin.
create a fantasy in your mind full of details about what you are wearing and doing and feeling while you are as thin as you want to be. as you remember yourself possibly. see your self looking in the mirror and smiling comfortably about how good you look and how great you feel.
this image and the feelings generated in this simple exercise will draw you magically toward your goal. it has to happen. it`s the way our mind works. there are many other articles on this blog about how our consciousness operates and it would be instructive for you to poke around and see some of the amazing things that we constantly do each day creating our reality with our minds.
your slim reality is only one aspect of the massive potential you have in your mind once you get the idea that you are in the driver`s seat.
the choice is yours. it always has been. now you recognise it. now you can get what you want.

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