Thursday, October 27, 2005

the problem with religion.......

well here it is folks. the problem with religion. it was right under my nose and i never saw it until it was pointed out by a friend of mine who`s cynicism makes mine look like a charming sense of humour.
his point is that religion, and science for that matter, never allows us to remain in the moment. we are constantly being measured against some imaginary standard created by imaginary entities that force us to work toward developing attitudes and outcomes at some point in the future. if we do certain things and become a certain person and by default get certain recognisable things then we will be good enough to be allowed to go to a certain place when we die.
when we die.
not before.
where it actually matters.
so, by default it really doesn`t matter to the religious types what happens to us here as long as we meet some standard that prepares us for the next life in this imaginary place. so we get no instruction about how to actually do the nuts and bolts things that will make us effective people here and now. this minute. and this one.
it`s all to work toward some future outcome.
meanwhile we are still depressed, anxious, uncertain, confused, somewhat scared and not so confident about the future, truth be known.
not a good state for the majority of the population to be in all the time. it`s no wonder we are hostile, agressive, resentful, bitter , whiney, miserable and tired all the time.
but the church keeps telling us that they have the answer as long as we come back next week for an update. the breaking news. the bombshell that will make it all so clear and we won`t feel like shit anymore.
staying in the now stops the doubt. there is no doubt about now. it needs no explenation. and there`s another now right now. no doubt about it. the more time we spend here the more opportunity we have to draw our own conclusions about life and what it means to be alive. which is what life is about.
and remembering to give the gift of smiling.


Anonymous said...

The problem with religion is it separates us because there are so many . Religion is man made and therefore has flaws as a result.You are right there is a problem religion. We should'nt focus on religion to get close to GOD but,our focus should be on "CHRIST". Read the Bible and ask GOD to help you understand.Then you will know what I am talking about.Think about it! how can one comment on a subject without doing some research?

dr.alistair said...

i`m not sure precisely what you mean here but jesus in contained within the christian bible and therefore is part of that man made stuff that causes the problems refered to in the post. you suggest that my comments were made without research. i think what you mean is that i just haven`t read what you`ve read and then felt the same way as you. that`s how we get to intolerance in the first place. you have absolutely no clue regarding the scope of my reading. this blog isn`t so much a discussion of the gamerules of religion as an exploration of consciousness. your opinions are welcomed but please realise that there are many levels to understanding. the bible/jesus/god one is valid if it draws people together. if it is a tool for division then it is no better than a gun.

heidi said...

I learned of your site today, after hearing you on Marc Stevens' No State Project show. It was a pleasure to discover you.

Division is what all desirous-of-rule individuals use in accomplishing their aims. It is in politics as it is in religion.

Also note that while both 'secular' and 'spiritual' 'leaders' attempt to focus our minds on future 'perfections' and present 'lacks' in ourselves, thus weakening our awareness of ourselves in the moment, they themselves are quite handy at handling the present and staying focused on obtaining what they desire.

Distract, then pickpocket... one of the oldest of criminal techniques.

thank you for your site and blogs, they are bursting with truth and loving energy.

dr.alistair said...

thank you for your kind words, they came at the right time. one of my teachers once said "find the others". it is the reason i write, projecting out into the universe, to create a resonance out of love and compassion. on occasion someone recognises that and feels the same way. all of everything works this way. choosing good feelings for no reason is the antidote for getting our pockets picked.