Sunday, October 09, 2005


there is a lot of talk about energy. there are those who have lots of energy. we are told that we are heading for an energy crisis. everything is made of energy. the physicists say energy cannot be created or destroyed merely changed.
what is everybody talking about?
there are so many different discussions relating to energy, from the physical to the material to the spiritual. people talk about working out and eating healthy food so that they will have more energy. why? so they can do more..... o.k. so that`s about work and play.
people talk about energy in terms of non-renewable resourses for cars, factories and heating. that is political. people talk about the power of prayer and the benifits of meditation. spiritual energy.
people talk as if they are seperate from all this energy. it is as if we are born into the world and are not of this world. it is as if we are seperate.
we are of this world precisely because we are made up of energy too. the whole of everything is energy. a swirling mass of something moving about, creating effects that we recognise as life. we live this life believing we are seperate from it and that we have to create energy somewhere by force of will. all the work and working out we do is to create energy? it was there all the time, right inside.
once we recognise that we have this energy in us too, then we can be the resourse that we can use to live our do anything we want to. instead of waiting to have enough energy, in some magical way that we`re not even sure about, just go and do what we need to do anyway.
if energy can`t be destroyed then what`s to worry about?

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