Sunday, October 02, 2005

responsible cigarette manufacturers.

i have a proposition for cigarette manufacturers. even though they are selling a lethal product they have the law on thier side. they make and sell a legal product. they have been selling cigarettes to people since they were in thier early teens and new smokers are starting every day. the market is enormous and perpetual.
what i propose is that cigarette manufacturers put together a fund so that when one of thier loyal clients decides that they need to stop smoking they can get thier treatment paid for. this would be seen by the community as a good will gesture on the part of the manufacturers, and those who want to stop can do so without incurring the cost of the many therapies available.
it would be the beginning of more active awareness of the dangers of smoking. it would help people feel as if they have true choice in stopping.
if the cigarette manufacturers refuse to involve themselves in such a project then they would suffer the embarrasment of being seen to refuse to provide this service, which would be a fraction of the profit made off the people seeking the help.
what do you think.

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