Thursday, October 13, 2005

what is raining?

if you notice rain falling down from the sky and someone asks what is going on, you automatically say"it`s raining". nothing wrong with that except for the ghost we`ve just created with a few words. the ghost becomes evident when we ask what the "it" is in the phrase we just used to describe the weather. IT is raining?, what is IT?. the answer is that we`ve just got used to using this way of decribing things by creating another definite article in a sentance when we didn`t need to. now, can you become a ghost hunter in our language?this creation of layers of things in language lead us to seperating ourselves from all that we are here in this conscious realm. we aren`t born into the world, we are of the world and we are of nature. we aren`t a threat to nature any more than we are a threat to ourselves. if we are a threat to ourselves then we naturally stop being a threat as a matter of survival. if we create a seperation from nature then we can damage it without risk of threat to ourselves.when we realise we are natural and part of all that we see then we become responsible.

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