Sunday, October 16, 2005


we strive to live in the moment when we practive meditation and spiritual developement toward divinity. we are surrounded by challenges that push our consciousness away from the now, into this created state we know as the future. the future contains all the victories and defeats that we create in our minds so that we recognise our future. the power of this process is that we manifest the strongest of these images as real events and objects and people that occur in the the next present moments that we experience.
an example of this that we decide to visit a friend. we see the friend in our mind and where she lives etc. so that we can plan the trip. when wew arrive and ring the bell, if all goes well, we will see her smiling face. simple stuff. so simple that it illudes us as a process for concern.
the same mechanism operates out of worry. we fret about a negative outcome and sure enough we are right.
we cannot process a negative. try to not picture an elephant. you see an elephant. same with an angry boss or a failed business plan or crappy golf swing.
we get what we see.
all of this jumbled uncertainty goes away the more we stay focussed on the moment and minimise the endgaming.
endgaming means discounting the now for for a future gain. it leads to burnout, physically and mentally. it leads to heart attacks, strokes, arguements, fights, lawsuits, gun fights, divorce, and war.
a practice of meditation for a few minutes a day, building comfortably to fifteen minutes or more will allow you to have more strength on the now and you will be able to recognise and switch off the endgame dialog whenever you find yourself going there.

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